Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Founder and Senior Pastor Tony Evans called on churches to have a holistic approach to accompanying women in a post-Roe America.

Pastor Tony Evans, who has written more than 100 Christian books and is the first African American with a doctorate in Theology from the Dallas Theological Seminary, released a statement on Saturday after the United States Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

The court's vote to overrule Roe v. Wade was in line with their decision for the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization case, which challenged the constitutionality of Mississippi's Gestational Age Act--a law that banned pregnancies from 15 weeks onwards.

The statement of the recently honored icon among African American leaders during the Museum of the Bible's "Blessing of the Elders" last June 23 was in unison with the countless voices who celebrated the gift of life and who gave glory to God for the Supreme Court's historic decision on Roe v. Wade last Friday.

Evans raised the importance of celebrating that event for all Christians for it not only saves countless lives now that the issue of abortion is brought back to the states but also provides an opportunity "on behalf of God's mercy" to reverse the "crime epidemic" in the country.

A Holistic Approach To Aiding Women In Crisis

The Christian Headlines highlighted that Evans urged Christians in the statement to implement a 'womb to tomb' strategy for pregnant women.

"It is time for God's people to lead the way in promoting a 'Whole Life Agenda,' from the womb to the tomb, as we simultaneously proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ and the gift of forgiveness He offers to all who come to Him for it. While doing so, may we never forget to show compassion to those who have experienced abortion, as well as, kindness to those who believe differently than we do on this issue, or any other issue," Evans said.

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Evans cited Scripture to explain that abortion has caused innocent blood to be shed, which he expects to continue in society from violence and oppression. The founder and president of the Christian Bible resource ministry "The Urban Alternative" equated a decrease in abortion to a decrease in violent crime.

Christians & The Image Of The Merciful God

According to Evans, the "Imago Dei" is the heart of the abortion debate. This was mentioned in Psalm 8:4-5 and James 3:9. He reasoned that the attack done on the unborn is an attack against God Himself who created all life in His image. This, he stressed, included "life developing in the womb" citing Psalm 139:13-16.

"Therefore, anything that demeans the value of people's lives must be addressed with the same fervor and passion that has been given to preserving the life of the unborn. All forms of the denial of justice and human dignity, whether racism, classism, or degradation of any kind, must be viewed and addressed in terms of, and with respect to, the image of God," Evans underscored.

Evans concluded his statement by particularly addressing men to live responsibly for their actions and decisions. He pointed out that men should be held not only personally accountable for the children they help produce--planned or unplanned--but also financially. He sternly raised the importance of women never bearing their pregnancy alone because, as the body of Christ, Christians "should come alongside those in need through spiritual and tangible support."

Evans' statements echo those of other Christian leaders who in the past days have urged Christians to continue the fight for life and the support of women in crisis.

One of them is Jefferson City Bishop Shawn McKnight, who after welcoming the court's decision on Roe, pointed to the need to redouble efforts in accompanying women in crisis and in eliminating societal causes for abortion. McKnight stressed that the bonds that hold America together suffer along with one's dignity being impoverished when the dignity of any class of human beings is disregarded.

While Oregon Archbishop Alex Sample, one of the prelates who supported San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone in denying Holy Communion to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her persistent public support of abortion, similarly raised the need to not only celebrate but continue the fight for life until abortion will fully be rejected by society and each person.

Sample also said that now is the time to show those decieved on the issue of abortion the mercy of God, which knows no bounds. He then invited the public to join in the support of women in difficult pregnancies by getting involved in the pro-life movement in their communities.

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