Author and Pastor Tony Evans said the prevailing idolatry in America would cause God's judgment on the nation and is reminding people to live in the image of God.

In a sit-down interview with The Christian Post, Evans discussed where many societal issues came from, such as conflicts and racial issues.

The Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Senior Pastor said that America became culturally inclined rather than biblically inclined. He said that it's important to remember that people are created in the image of God. However, people became more invested in their culture rather than their identity in God. Referencing James 3:9, he emphasized the importance of human life from womb to tomb that people shouldn't even curse. Human dignity has to be held to the highest standard unless people wanted to insult God.

When people understand that, they will see that "God is not colorblind." He explained that God created each person with unique features, cultures, and ethnicities. However, one's culture should not become a compass for how people would live their lives. He said that lifting identity, race, or national allegiance above God is idolatry. He warned Christians that whatever national idol people created, God would "resist, reject and judge" it.

God's Judgment

Evans noted that as the Church failed to represent God's Kingdom, America has been bound to God's judgment. He said people are already experiencing it, noting unending conflicts in recent years. He cited 2 Chronicles 15:3-6 which says God troubles nations with conflicts and Romans 1 which tells God withdraws Himself from those who withdraw themselves from Him to explain the current situation of the country.

According to Evans, conflicts were caused by God's judgment due to the country's "idolatry of culture, nationalism, and race." He said God allows such to happen to wake up people and seek Him. God wanted people to return to Him and be obedient to His words. As the Creator of mankind, God wanted to overrule culture and ethnicity. He wanted human relationships under His divine standard.

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Call To Return To God

One way to turn things around was to submit to "biblical truth, biblical standards, and biblical unity." Evans noted that people were just wasting their time praying and preaching without God because of disunity. He explained that when there's division, God's away because of His "unified nature."

He emphasized that Churches need "reconciliation and unity." He challenged Christians to model relationships with other people "without compromising the essentials of the faith." He noted again that the righteousness of God should be the basis of right and wrong and the justice of God is used to apply God's moral law in the society.

He observed that people just continuously discuss differences and division but do not create a "windshield of reconciliation." By doing that, the pastor said people would not be moving toward God.

Evans also advises pastors struggling with misconduct and scandals to focus more on their relationship with God and His words, warning them not to make ministry their idol.

Evans also encourages churches, particularly those showing a decline in church affiliation among the Gen Z, to meet where they are and communicate with them about how this generation thrives.

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