A black woman argued with woke white people trying to always convince black people and other minorities that America is racist and an oppressor, and boldly proclaimed that she will not fall into that trap since this is the time in history when Black Americans and other people of colors have more opportunities than ever before.

Sheila Qualls, an op-ed contributor to the Christian Post, penned her opinions and thoughts in an article in time for the 4th of July celebration regarding white liberals and the woke white culture always calling her people victims and oppressed.

She had this to say, "No matter how hard white liberals try to convince me I am a victim, I'm not buying it. It's a great day to be black in America."

She enumerated some of the benefits Black Americans are receiving right now such being less likely to be prosecuted for crime contrary to what the woke white people and the media are saying. Her kids can enter college universities with 200 fewer points on their SAT and 500 points lesser compared to white and Asian students respectively. In some schools, the "race curve," which exempts black students from having school penalties when assignments are submitted late, from skipping class or misbehaving, is utilized.

Moreover, black students do not need to lie about being in a minority status to have more chances or get financial aid when applying for college, which 34% of white students do according to a survey by Intelligent.com.

Stop The 'Victimhood Narrative'

Qualls, Executive Director of TakeCharge, an organization "committed to countering the prevailing narrative in popular culture that America is structured to undermine the lives of black Americans," narrated her father's story and struggles to live as a colored man in the past and shared that it is the main reason why she can "audaciously" conclude that it's a great time now for a Black American to live as compared to any other time in history.

Her father was born in the Jim Crow South. One significant thing she learned from him is that he never used race as an excuse to not be academically excellent, to have a good work ethic, or to be the most effective and the best in job performance. Her father grew up and lived his life in the "colored" sections - drinking out of "colored" water fountains, using "colored" restrooms, sitting on the "colored" area of the bus, or not sit at all even if the white section had so many empty seats. Her father was part of the last all-black Buffalo Soldier units before the Army was desegregated by President Truman in 1948.

"He would've loved to have grown up in the America I grew up in." Qualls declared.

She then went on to say that she is not, in any way, denying the painful and difficult past of the Black Americans nor saying that racism currently does not exist in America. What she is saying is the narrative that  American system is against black people, all whites are racist and the American dream is only for the few and doesn't include colored people is "at first glance an exaggeration and upon closer examination a complete deception."

Stop the victimhood narrative and the deception in the black community, she strongly challenged people.

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Time To Shift The Focus From Race

"We live in the least racist time in our country's history but are more racially divided than ever before," Quall stated, and then suggested to start shifting the focus from race to choice. 

Put an end to blaming race all the time. The media can stop putting the spotlight on oppression and constantly highlighting that race is the reason for economic, social, and educational inequality between the blacks and the whites. Instead of focusing on the slavery tragedy, why not focus on the victories of the black community in the present and celebrate with them?

There is a future so promising for the black community if only the focus is shifted.

The black community will start to see all the failed policies or corrupt politicians that have become rich at the expense of their constituents. Black Americans will start reconsidering detrimental behaviors, starting with why most of them are growing up in fatherless homes. They can start rebuilding churches, families, and schools, which can all be a safe place for their children and that can prioritize getting fathers back in the homes.

The havoc caused by the social welfare program to the black community when introduced in the 1960s will be revealed. The statistics that showed the decline of two-parent families in the black community will be uncovered, and they will finally understand why 80% of the children are born into fatherless homes. This can begin a reinforcement of marriage where little black girls can be taught their value and the percentage of unwed birthrate can be decreased from 80% to 20%.

Lastly, if the focus is shifted, the black community will finally realize that true African Americans, which are the Nigerians and Liberians, immigrate to America not because they were oppressed but because they see opportunities, with Nigerian immigrants earning a higher average household income as compared to white Americans.

Quall then concluded that the issues of Black Americans can only be solved by their hands and hearts. The problems are not because of race but because of choices. Every Black American should realize that they have a choice on how to live their lives and not get trapped by the group dynamics that the Critical Race Theory teaches.

She and the organization TakeCharge is taking charge of the change to happen. They are taking charge of building a union of community champions, academic professionals, and business leaders to start the transformation of the black community through embracing and celebrating the core principles of America and not rejecting them, making them realize that the American dream can be pursued, reached and lived regardless of race or social standing.

And, Quall challenged the Black Americans to, once and for all, take charge and be able to say that it is a great day to be black in America today and every day.

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