In the wake of the Supreme Court's ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, various groups have started advocating for adoption as an alternative for pregnant women who've wanted to abort their unborn children.

Now, a Christian organization goes beyond mere advocating for adoption as a pro-life approach to the matter, and is actually offering to reimburse employees who choose to adopt a child.

In a stunning effort countering what other groups did prior to the demise of the legislation that allowed the killing of the unborn since 1973, CfaN (Christ for all Nations) announced that it will reimburse employees for adoption expenses reaching up to $5,000.

This program, per the organization, is a "clear endorsement" of the human right to life and is based on the Biblical teaching that God made man in His own image and likeness. Moreover, it shows the group's stand that the church should do more than just celebrate the overturning of Roe v. Wade; rather, in the words of one CfaN employee,

"We must also be ready to stand in the gap - to support life with our actions, not just our words"

The reimbursement program covers a wide range of fees, such as "adoption application fees, relevant home studies, agency and placement fees, legal fees and court costs, immigration, immunization, and translation fees, transportation, meals, and lodging, as well as parent, child, and family adoption counseling."

The $5,000 reimbursement program encourages all CfaN employees to grow their families through adoption, and further cements the organization's message of life for all.

Stark Contrast

CfaN's latest program offers a direct opposition to what secular companies offer women who carry unborn children in the womb. Some companies have offered to pay their pregnant employees' expenses to travel to other locations just to have the baby aborted, especially in recent months where states like Texas have enacted strict abortion bans.

"The move stands in stark contrast to organizations that, rather than choosing to help preserve life, are volunteering to pay the travel expenses of employees who will now have to leave their home states to abort a baby," CfaN said.

A Growing Culture of Life

CfaN's new program is but the latest pro-life move carried out by Christian organizations and companies in the United States. While it's not the first to announce such a bold endorsement of support for human life, it is a very inspiring effort-the organization itself is hoping and praying that 'like-minded ministries, non-profits, and commercial enterprises will create similar programs to help their team members adopt."

One such company that has made a similar move is Buffer Insurance, a small insurance company based on Southlake, Texas.

The company, going against the "culture of death" propagated by those who offer support for abortion, created offers to help pay the costs for giving birth and adoption, and also provides for paid time off for parents with newborn babies.

Pro-life individuals have also begun to speak out louder on social media, announcing what seems to be a growing support for adoption as a life-honoring alternative for those who are pregnant but wanting abortion.

Earlier reports indicate that less than a week after the Supreme Court shot down Roe v. Wade, the phrase "We Will Adopt Your Baby" made headlines and became a trending topic in social media.

Christian celebrities such as Kirk Cameron and Lisa Robertson have also spoken of adoption as a pro-life alternative for people.

"Be pro-love and pro-life in a pro-hate and pro-choice world (and) be pro-adoption as well," Robertson said.

Pastor Matt Chandler of the Village Church in Texas, on the other hand, is urging Christians to provide support for women in light of the recent Supreme Court ruling on the matter. The minister calls on churches to help women who feel the "hopelessness" that leads them to commit abortion.

Chandler said churches should "step up into a space where darkness can be pushed back, and decay can be addressed," including the negative feelings that pregnant women feel, leading them to make the decision that they will regret for life.