Things are not looking good for Christians in Uganda after successive attacks by Muslim extremists on Christian believers.

Christian Pastor Gets Threats to His Life

A news report by revealed another series of religion-related affronts on Ugandan Christians courtesy of hardcore Islamists.

The report bared the death threats issued by Muslim extremists on a Christian pastor in Kiboga District.

It was the same area where a Christian man named Robert Bwenje, who accompanied his pastor, died in the hands of Islamists following an open-air debate between Christians and Muslims.

Godfrey Ssemuju, the overseeing pastor of Kiboga's 130 Elim Pentecostal churches, revealed threats made to his and his family's lives.

The Christian pastor said that he received several text messages warning him of dire consequences for his entire family should he pursue converting Muslims to the Christian faith.

"We warn you to stop converting our people to Christianity. If you continue doing this, then take note that [taking] your life is our Jannah [koranic paradise in the afterlife]. After killing you, our Allah will reward us with it," Crosswalk quoted Ssemuju saying about the content of a text message.

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He explained that he has been receiving similar death threats for the past three months, which made him worried and fearful for his family's safety.

The Ugandan pastor bared that the seriousness of the death threats escalated after his sermons with Muslims individually and during open-air gatherings.

The report noted how the pastor's Christian preachings resulted in some 70 Muslims (some of whom were elementary school teachers) converting to Christianity.

Pastor Ssemuju said he received at least 14 death threats from people who identified themselves as Muslims.

Muslim Family Loses Home After Christianity Conversion

The same news report revealed that a Muslim family who recently converted to the Christian belief lost their home in a fire.

The family of eight reported an attack carried out by Muslim extremists aided by their relatives in their home in Maumo village, Luuka District.

The arson reportedly happened on July 23.

Musa Kasadha, the family patriarch, recounted how a group of Muslims led by Sheikh Hurara confronted him in his house about their conversion to Christianity.

Kasadha said the attackers brutally beat them when they answered that Christ had become part of their family.

The news report added that local council leader George Mwandah heard the family's cries as he and other council members rushed to the scene.

Mwandah revealed that they arrived just in time to stop the attackers from inflicting further injuries to the family.

The attackers nonetheless went on to burn the Kasadha family's home as the former escaped the scene.

The family reportedly lost everything in the fire and is asking people for help.

Series of Attacks on Christians in Uganda

The twin attacks form part of a series of brutal physical and emotional abuses by Muslim extremists on Ugandan Christians.

Despite having religious freedom included in the country's laws and constitution, which include conversion to another religion, the attacks persist.

Crosswalk revealed that Muslims comprise only 12% of the country's population, primarily in Uganda's eastern part. 

But despite belonging to the cultural minority, some Muslims still dare to launch attacks against Christians, including killing them.

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