The head of a Christian organization has disclosed its ongoing partnership with citizens and the government to help curb poverty in Nigeria. The multi-sectoral partnership will start on Oct. 21, the organization leader said.

Partnership to Ease Poverty

According to an article by NNN News Nigeria, Bishop Joseph Vambe told reporters at a news conference on Tuesday at His Royal Majesty Emmanuel Yepwi's palace. Yepwi is the Sa'karuyi of Karu in Abuja, the report bared.

Bishop Vambe pledged to launch the anti-poverty partnership on Oct. 21 at the International Ecumenical Center in Abuja. Vambe is the head of the International Christian Organisation for Sustainable Development (ICOSD).

The Nigerian chapter of ICOSD will focus on hitting the goals set during the 2015 UN Sustainable Development Summit. The agenda, which participating countries hope to achieve by 2030, include ways to address climate change, extreme poverty, inequality, and injustice, among others.

"This brings the emergence of ICOSD. The organisation represents the global voice of billions of people from all ramifications of life who are rising against poverty in the global community," Bishop Vambe said during the press conference.

He added that their group seeks to 'establish a global structure which will change the current global poverty narrative by restoring the divine model for global poverty eradication.' The bishop disclosed they aim to achieve such ends through 'creative and innovative strategies that champion biblical world views."

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Details of the Launch

Vambe expects to welcome Nigerian Vice President Prof. Yemi Osinbajo and Special Affairs Minister Sen. George Akume during the Oct. 21 launch. They also expect executive governors, royal fathers, and international bodies at the event.

The bishop added that the launch would use the theme "End Poverty in Nigeria." He said they plan to reveal several policies at the launch to achieve the organization's goals.

Bishop Vambe said these policies include grant agreement and project implementation, procurement, mission, governing body and bureaucratic, and financial.


The website discussed several details about ICOSD, as mentioned by Bishop Vambe.

Vambe disclosed that ICOSD had registered with Nigerian Corporate Affairs in 2016. He said they started "touching lives at the very low level" since their registration.

"We have visited orphanages, we have visited IDP camps, we have carried out some empowerment programmes like entrepreneurship programmes, we trained people and gave them tailoring machines to empower them, we have given some traders, women some widows money for business," Vambe told NNN News Nigeria.

He added that right now, the fight against poverty should be an international effort and not just a personal one. Vambe then called for unified efforts from different sectors of society to fight poverty.

Additionally, Bishop Vambe said they intend to launch the group's 'Modus Operandi' on Oct. 21, aside from the various policies he already outlined.

Meanwhile, Yepwi said he appreciates ICOSD's past activities and its intention to forge a partnership to fight poverty in the country. Yepwi clarified that the programs of ICOSD are meant not only for Christian organizations but also for the general Nigerian population. Accordingly, he called on all interested groups and individuals to contribute to the successful launch of the local chapter of ICOSD in Nigeria.

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