Rejection of Donald Trump
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As the struggle continues for the 2024 election, Donald Trump continues to experience separation from his late supporters, particularly some Christian Community Leaders.

Longtime evangelical leader Rev. John Smith once supported Donald Trump due to his conservative judicial appointments and stance on the anti-abortion cause. However, as the former president continues to focus on himself and his election loss rather than the country and its issues, Rev. Smith's opinion of Trump has shifted.

He is now looking toward other candidates with a "strong biblical worldview," explicitly citing Governor Ron DeSantis as a strong contender due to his willingness to stand up against the "woke crowd."

The Struggle of The Ex-President Donald Trump with Strong Rivals

In a recent article in Christianity Daily, Trump labeled his late Christian Evangelicals as traitors. Despite trailing behind President Biden in potential rematch polls, former President Donald Trump continues to hold influence within the Republican Party.

However, some surveys suggest that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis could pose a substantial challenge. Additionally, former Vice President Mike Pence is gaining popularity among evangelicals. When asked about a potential primary battle against DeSantis, Trump brushed off the suggestion, stating that he has yet to begin his political campaign and will "handle it the way I handle things."

Trump also suggested that Christian conservatives should have immediately supported him after his campaign announcement in November, citing his support for their anti-abortion agenda during his presidency.

He also accused them of not fighting strongly enough for the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and that their lack of support gave pro-choice Democrats an opportunity to gain political advantage on the issue. This is not the first time Trump has accused former supporters of "disloyalty"; he has previously made similar statements about Jewish Americans.

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Ron DeSantis Emerged as a Favorite by Evangelical Leaders

As the 2024 presidential election approaches, many conservative Christian leaders who once supported Trump are now looking for new candidates to rally behind. In an article in The Washington Post, the leaders cite concerns about Trump's political weaknesses after the November midterm elections, in which he was blamed for elevating polarizing candidates who ultimately lost. Additionally, they express alarm over potential rivals making strong appeals to the religious right.

One candidate that has emerged as a favorite among these leaders is DeSantis. In an article shared by MSN, according to the Iowa-based founder of a national group called Baptists for Biblical Values, Cranston, DeSantis is a "fighter" who has "had the courage to take on the woke crowd."

Many conservative Christian pastors and political leaders have pointed to DeSantis' actions on critical social issues, such as his restrictions on school teachings regarding sexual orientation and gender identity, his opposition to vaccine and mask mandates, and his punishment of companies he has labeled as "woke." DeSantis is a strong contender for the conservative Christian vote in the upcoming election.

Many Republicans view DeSantis as a strong candidate who could challenge President Trump. He had a significant victory in the Florida elections last fall and has gained a national reputation through his political actions.

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