During the recent New York Comic Con event, game developer Gazillion Entertainment unveiled details of the upcoming "Marvel Heroes 2016."

According to the studio, the follow-up to "Marvel Heroes 2015" will come with better visual quality, a new story chapter, and various other features, IGN reported.

The studio announced that "Marvel Heroes 2016" will be released sometime in December of this year. It will be available for the Microsoft Windows and Mac platforms.

As explained by Gazillion, the upcoming action-RPG will feature controller support as requested by fans of the previous game. It will also have Steam Achievements and Leaderboards, which means tournaments will soon be launched for the game in the future.

The studio also improved the visual quality of the characters that were introduced in the first game back in 2013.

In addition, gamers will be able to play through a new story mode in the game titled "Secret Invasion." According to the studio, this chapter involves taking on the Skrull race including Kl'rt, also known as the Super-Skrull.

Aside from these, Gazillion is also planning on launching new contents following the game's official release. These include the "Savage Land Patrol Zone," which involves battling waves of dinosaurs and other creatures, and the debut of the Mad Titan Thanos in "Thanos Raid."

Gazillion also noted that it will expand the roster of "Marvel Heroes 2016" with the addition of more than 50 new playable characters.

According to Jeff Lind, the director for the development studio, gamers will surely enjoy the various improvements made to the upcoming "Marvel Heroes" title.

"I truly believe our game is better than ever now, and the rebrand to 'Marvel Heroes 2016' represents our never-ending initiative to continue improving for the next year and beyond," he said in a statement according to Gamasutra.

"As game developers, we're privileged with the great power to create an action-RPG set in the Marvel Universe," he added. "With that comes our inherent responsibility to Marvel's millions of fans to deliver an excellent product that only gets better with the more we add to it."

The first game, "Marvel Heroes 2015," was first released in June 4, 2013. The game follows the story of the heroes as they try to stop Doctor Doom from using the Cosmic Cube. But, in order to get the Cube, they must first deal with other super-villains who have joined forces with Doctor Doom.