Development studio Wargaming has announced that its highly successful online multiplayer game "World of Tanks" will arrive for Sony's PlayStation 4 console next week.

The launch of the full game comes a month after the studio held a beta event for PlayStation 4 players last year.

According to Wargaming, "World of Tanks" will be debuted as a free downloadable game on January 19. It will be available through the PlayStation Network, Digital Trends reported.

Also, unlike multiplayer games for the PlayStation platforms, gamers do not need to open a Playtation Plus account in order to play the game with their friends. Instead, they only need to have a PlayStation Network account to download the game.

But, this doesn't mean that PlayStation Plus subscribers will not receive "World of Tanks" freebies. As noted by the studio in the game's website, members of Sony's subscription service will instantly receive the darkened camouflage Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J-PS German tank once they play the game and log in. They are also entitled to receive other bonuses, special offers and discounts in the future.

Aside from PlayStation Plus members, all players will also get the U.S. T1E6-PS tank for free as long as they play the game before January 31. After this date, this war machine will no longer be offered by the studio.

Wargaming launched the last beta version of "World of Tanks" in December 4. According to Gamespot, it was an open event which means gamers were not required to sign up in advance or open a PlayStation Plus account to join.

In addition, those who were able to try out the game last month received the M22 Locust U.S. Light tank in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the PlayStation brand.

"World of Tanks" has been around as early as 2010 and originally debuted for the Microsoft Windows platform. A modified version of the game then made its way to the Xbox 360 in 2014.

Then, in July of last year, Wargaming launched the full version of the game for the Xbox One platform.

Like in the original game, the console versions of "World of Tanks" puts players in control an armored vehicle of their choice. As a multiplayer game, they can team up with other gamers and communicate with one another to come up with their own strategies.

Basically, the objective of the game is to wipe out the other enemy tanks or capture a certain base.