Mission Agape, which has carried out acts of love and service toward those who are homeless in downtown Atlanta, received a proclamation on February 6 from the Atlanta City Council, recognizing and honoring the work of the organization.

Councilmember Mary Norwood, who is one of the candidates for mayor of the city, introduced the work that Mission Agape has done in the presence of the 16 other city councilmembers, and said, “I am proud of the love and service that the Korean community has shown through Mission Agape, and I am very grateful that we are able to partner with them in metro Atlanta.”

“I’m thankful that the city council prepared this time to honor us,” said James Song, the president of Mission Agape. “We may be of different race and religion, and we may not have a lot in common, but I still think of us as one family.”

“I want to credit this award to the volunteers who have quietly served for the past eight years,” said one Mission Agape staff. “Mission Agape will continue to be at that place of service with an unchanging heart, and strive to be a serving hand.”

Mission Agape has offered various programs and events to serve the homeless, and has also partnered with other organizations such as Hosea Feed the Hungry. Over the last year, the ministry prepared more than 40,000 meals and provided 700 new coats, according to the group’s website.