Ten congregants of Advent Lutheran Church in LaGrange, GA, will be going on a 10-day mission trip to South Korea with their senior pastor, Rev. Min Chan Park, in September.

Park began serving at Advent Lutheran Church, which is comprised mostly of white congregants, seven years ago. Since then, members of the church have set out to try new and diverse challenges, and many of the growing Korean population in the surrounding area have also become new additions to the church in recent years.

Two years ago, a few of the members suggested an idea to Park: to visit South Korea — the home country of the church’s senior pastor — and to learn what Christianity and the church is like there. Since then, Park and the mission team have been preparing and praying for the trip, and Park has also been teaching and introducing the history, as well as the current situation, of Christianity in South Korea to the team.

The mission team will be in South Korea from September 12 to 22, beginning their trip in Busan. The team will visit various churches and take a tour around historical Christian landmarks as well.

“This July, it will have been seven years since I have served at an American church,” said Park. “I’m happy and thankful that, before the historic 500th anniversary of the Reformation in October, I will be able to visit and introduce Korea to the members of our congregation.”

This article has been translated. For the original in Korean, visit kr.christianitydaily.com.