Janice Wilbourn, the owner of Wilbourn Sisters Design in Atlanta, speaks out after vandals targeted her store. Janice tried her best to stay low on the floor for her own safety when looters attempted to break in. After looters failed to break into her store, she appeared on 'America's Newsroom' on Tuesday speaking against the people who struck her establishment in the wake of the protest over George Floyd's death. According to Fox News, the store owner stated that she was grateful that the looters weren't able to get inside her store. 

 "On Saturday night at 11:30 p.m., I was in my store at the time. I was working late. After the protest, which is around the corner from where I am-CNN and everything is up the corner here, people were coming from that and they happened to come walking toward my place,"

After hearing the people who were approaching Janice's store, she later heard a sound, 'boom boom', and quickly got on the floor. Although Janice is emotionally broken, she states that she is feeling well. 

"They hit my windows with rocks, and I just got on the floor,. So, basically, they just hit the windows and kept going, Wilbourn said. "Thank God they did not enter the store. They only hit the windows and busted out my front showcase windows."

She shared an uplifting message of faith on her Facebook page "Praise the Lord Jesus Christ, for Our Shield of Protection. We are covered by the Blood."

And she also added a message to cease looting in small business stores and being patient while waiting for God.

"We're on to another chapter in the business, so, we're having to completely kind of restructure what is going inside here," Wilbourn said.

"There is a lot going on around here. We're just praying that everything gets back even better than before but we're just being still at the moment. We're waiting on God to unfold all of everything."