America's State Of Abortion Revealed Through A Pro-Choice Mother's Decision To Keep Her Twins

America's State of Abortion Revealed Through A Pro-Choice Mother's Decision To Keep Her Twins

A report intended to uncover the cruelty of the Texas Heartbeat Bill in forcing pregnant women to become mothers did not only turn heads on Twitter but also turned hearts as people see, not the cruelty, but the glory of a young mother choosing life and her twins over abortion.

In an article by the Washington Post, a story of a young woman of 18 was featured Monday who was initially planning to have an abortion but had a change of heart after seeing and hearing the heartbeats of her twin on the ultrasound. It was supposedly a "lengthy expose" revealing the cruel impact of the Texas Heartbeat Bill that took effect last September 1, 2021, Daily Citizen reported.

However, the article accomplished the opposite reaction when the public saw the story as a story of hope and garnered applause and compliments for the beauty and bravery of the young mother choosing life and their babies.

The writer, Caroline Kitchener, was slammed for portraying the former's choice in a "condescending light" as it seemed that the young girl's life has been crippled because she had no option but to give birth to her babies.

"Kitchener initially wrote about the young mother's pregnancy as if it were a major inconvenience foisted on her and other women by the Texas Law," according to Fox News.

Kitchener tweeted on the day the article was released, "Brooke's (the young mother) feelings on the law are complicated. She loves her babies, deeply, but she also aches for the life she may never get to lead," to which Lila Rose, founder, and president of the anti-abortion organization Live Action, responded, "You wrote a cruel, condescending piece about her."

The anti-abortion activist went on to say that Kitchener objectified the young mother and her twins to satisfy the writer's own pro-abortion ideology, and at her best, doing everything to make the young lady look ignorant and her future as hopeless and unvictorious as possible.

Townhall political editor Guy Benson, highlighted the dignity of the mother and her two children as he tweeted that these three human beings are full of potential and worth, while Conservative commentator Ian Haworth complimented the article as an amazing pro-life argument that was surprisingly unintentional.

Even Ted Cruz, junior U.S. senator for Texas, took the article positively proclaiming that the Washington Post, though accidental, wrote a beautiful, powerful pro-life story that is worth reading.

On the other spectrum, writer Kitchener gained an ally in leftist and feminist author Jill Filipovic who agreed with the piece pointing out how the pro-life movement uses, manipulates and discards women, their dreams, and future.

The Story Of Brooke

Eighteen-year-old Brooke Alexander from Corpus Christi found out that she was pregnant two days before the Texas Heartbeat law, which makes abortion illegal if a heartbeat is detected, took effect.

Alexander wanted to have an abortion, as this was also encouraged by her parents and boyfriend during that time. She did not have a plan of becoming a teenage mom and putting an end to her work at Texas Roadhouse, and her plans of getting a real estate license and saving to go to Hawaii.

However, when she tried to get an appointment with an abortionist "clinic," there was no open schedule anymore as there were a lot of patients rushing into the clinic before the law take effect. Instead, along with her mom, she went to a Pregnancy Center for an ultrasound, praying that the baby has no heartbeat, the article narrated.

Alexander filled out a form and stated that she has intentions for abortion. She then met Angie Arnholt who counseled her and her mom about the dangers of abortion. They were taken to the ultrasound room, where she found out that she was having twins and heard and saw on the screen for the first time the heartbeats of her babies.

"This is a miracle from the Lord. We are having these babies," Brooke's mom stated as she asked herself, "If these babies had heartbeats, as these women said they did, was aborting them murder?"

Alexander and her mom changed their minds.

Now a mother of 4-month-old twin daughters, Olivia and Kendall, and a wife to her then-boyfriend, Billy, who has joined the Air Force to provide for his family, she narrated that her life has not been at all easy but she cannot imagine her life without her children.

She dropped out of her real estate class and had to quit her job because of morning sickness and exhaustion. Her mom, who was an ally since the day at the center, kicked her out of their house, which forced her to live with Billy in his father's house.

She missed the freedom of being young and single, with no other responsibility but herself, and yet, with Olivia's hands wrapped around her finger, she declared, "It's really scary thinking that I wouldn't have them."

Alexander is honest though that she is still conflicted about the issue of abortion. She still believes in women's right to choose but she also knows that if it was not for the Texas law against abortion, her babies might not be with her now, concluding, "Who's to say what I would have done if the law wasn't in effect? I don't want to think about it."

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We Are Missing Empathy

Denison Forum wrote that empathy for both mother and child is what's missing in the daily debate about abortion.

Pregnancy and giving birth are difficult, taking care of the children is even harder, and the loss of freedom, time, and dreams is painful, even to those parents who never considered abortion. These do not justify the killing of innocent babies in the womb or cancel out the beauty, joy, and meaning of parenthood, but these feelings should never be invalidated, overlooked, or minimized.

"It should make it easier to have empathy for those like Brooke facing the prospect of a vastly different future than what they imagined and planned," the article explained.

The world is making a huge mistake if the mother's rights are defended against the child's, or vice-versa, without remembering that they were both created in the image and likeness of God and were given a purpose.

Denison Forum suggested that the next time abortion is discussed, the words and messages exchanged should reflect the worth and the kind of lavish love God has given for everyone. The article finished off by saying that to fight for life is to know that the best way to care for children is to care for their parents too.

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