Arizona Vote Recount Continues As Judge Slams Democrats’ Attempts To Stop Election Audit

Maricopa County Judge Daniel Martin
Maricopa County Judge Daniel Martin |

The Arizona vote recount, as per a report, continues after Maricopa County Judge Daniel Martin shut down the Democrats' attempts to stop the election audit.

Judge Martin allowed the recounting to continue in Arizona for the 2020 presidential election ballots amidst Democrats trying to "suppress" the audit in the event "any results might be found," WND reported. WND cited Maricopa Arizona Audit tweeting the Democrat's request being denied.

"Breaking: Maricopa County Judge denies Democrat's request to stop the election audit. The audit continues!" the Maricopa Arizona Audit said on Wednesday.

An account setup to ensure transparency and integrity in the Maricopa County Arizona 2020 election audit that is managed in behalf of Senate Liaison Ken Bennett, the Maricopa Arizona Audit immediately added the reason the Democrats were denied by Martin on their petition was lack of "substantive evidence."

"Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Daniel Martin said the Democrat Party did not provide 'substantive evidence of any breaches or threatened breaches of voter privacy'," Maricopa Arizona Audit disclosed.

AZCentral, on the other hand, reported that Martin's decision meant the auditing will continue at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum alongside the legal battle on it.

"The record presented by plaintiffs, including a number of sworn declarations, contain instances of concerning conduct and expert opinion as to whether the audit complies with law and best practices but no substantive evidence of any breaches or threatened breaches of voter privacy," AZCentral quoted Martin in saying.

As reported previously, the Democrats stopped the ongoing audit on the account of "voter integrity" through a lawsuit that was initially handled by Judge Christopher Coury. However, Coury relieved himself from the case on the account that one of the lawyers of the auditing company, Cyber Ninjas, worked for him previously.

Coury told the Democrats prior to vacating his post that they could stop the recount in exchange of a $1M bond to cover costs in the event of delays to the auditing. However, the Democrats did not pay the bond but continued with the case that was taken in by Judge Daniel Martin who came in on Wednesday.

The Maricopa Arizona Audit also tweeted a video of Bennett after its announcement on the Democrats being denied of their petition to stop the auditing. Bennett's video explained the importance of the audit, which he said is "different" with other election audits already conducted in the County the past months. Bennett, a native Arizonan, was the Secretary of State and Senate President of Arizona for six years.

"This audit is different from anything the County has done because this is a recount of the ballots. This is also looking into the machines. Yes, they did a what's called 'logic and accuracy audit of the machines' but that just verified that the machines were working at that moment. This is going into is there any unofficial or unauthorized software in any of those machines. Even if they looked at that, we're going much deeper and we're recounting every one of the 2,089,563 ballots," he elaborated.

WND raised that Joe Biden won in Arizona only by a slim margin that led to legislators raising objections to the results and presenting voter fraud evidences. The recount will last for weeks and that state officials affirm that the auditing results will not change the election outcome.

In addition, WND pointed out that Martins also denied Cyber Ninja its petition to keep private parts of the auditing and its hearing from the public since they are protecting their trade secrets, citing tweet by NBC Host Brahm Resnik announcing the matter.

"BREAKING Maricopa County Judge Daniel Martin rejects Cyber Ninjas motion to hide policies & procedures from public and media. Expects immediate appeal of ruling," Resnik said.