Trump Campaign Has Enough Evidence To Sustain Arizona Lawsuit, Call For Forensic Audit: Andy Biggs

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President Donald Trump's Campaign has enough evidence to sustain a lawsuit in Arizona for electoral fraud says Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs.

As poll watchers and witnesses piled up in yesterday's hearing conducted by Trump's legal team and Republican legislators, Briggs concluded there is now enough evidence to push through to court against the election results.

Biggs stated this during an interview with Newsmax TV held yesterday wherein he cited what these evidences are.

"What they brought yesterday to the table, I thought that was very good was specific cases, evidence, and affidavits of people who could attest to specific items of fraud: 8,000 people voted that are not real people; 2,000 more people that people--I should say ballots cast where there was no address discernable, you can't find evidence that those individuals actually exist; almost 2M ballots open with observation, without authentication of signatures on those mails and ballots," he emphasized.

To which he immediately added, "I was impressed that they came through with very specific allegations with evidence to back it up."

"I think yesterday, what they showed is that there's actually evidence to sustain a lawsuit, and if you can sustain a lawsuit then the courts would have to really get involved. And also, they would hopefully order a forensic audit in Arizona, which is what a lot of us have been asking for for several weeks," he said

During the same interview, Biggs expressed his disappointment on Arizona Governor Doug Ducey for not acting on the electoral fraud. He said he was "frustrated as are many Arizonans for they have chosen not to pursue the anomalies regarding these issues". He reiterated "that this particular governor won't take time to get to the bottom of these allegations because whether these allegations are upheld or not they will call into question future elections" in the country.

Biggs highlighted that these efforts of the Trump Campaign is purely out of having true, honest, and transparent elections for the common good--that Americans, in general, look forward to and desire.

Witnesses that testified during Monday's hearing included truck driver Jesse Morgan from USPS subcontractor who delivered 288,000 completed ballots from New York to Pennsylvania; a witness from Arizona who testified she was refused observation of at least 2,000 duplicate ballots, a witness from Voter Integrity Fund who played phone calls of Arizonans who were issued mail-in ballots though not requesting them; and a poll watcher from Arizona who was asked to ignore illegible and difficult to match ballots; among others.

Also present during the said hearing were experts who highlighted the various areas that point to irregularities in the election such as cyber security expert ret. Colonel Phil Waldron who spoke of the vulnerability of the voting machines and systems used, particularly the Dominion Voting Systems and the Smartmatic derivative software; and Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai who presented statistical data that contradicts what actually transpired in the recording of votes for Biden against Trump.

The Michigan State Senate Committee On Oversight also held a hearing on election fraud yesterday wherein one of the witnesses testified seeing military ballots for Joe Biden looking like photocopied forms of the other yet none were registered in the said state.