More Than Two-Thirds Of Americans Support Trump’s Push For Recounts: Poll

Opening up Our Country Again and Rebuilding the Greatest Economy Anywhere in the World, Trump Says

More than two-thirds of all Americans believe US President Donald Trump can and should be allowed to ask for a recount in key states, a recent poll revealed.

According to a new Newsmax/McLaughlin & Associates poll released Thursday, 67 percent of likely voters support President Trump's push for recounts in states where the vote margins in his race with Joe Biden were very small (1% or closer).

These states include Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona, where a hearing over voter fraud is currently taking place.

While 65 percent of Americans say the election will be honestly decided despite the very close contests between the two Presidential candidates, 35 percent - a full third - of all voters believe there was significant fraud that needs to be investigated.

Pollster John McLaughlin, speaking of the results, indicated that Trump voters and supporters, and Republicans in general, are highly concerned about the recent voter fraud that happened in the recent elections.

The number, he said, indicates a very troubling thing considering the United States' reputation for being a country with a vibrant democracy,

"This seems to be a very disturbing and high number for the country that always prided itself to be the world's leading democracy," he said. "The highest level of fraud concerns are among Trump voters at 70% and Republicans at 65%."

The poll was conducted between Nov. 21 and 23, 2020. It asked 1,000 likely general election voters to participate. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.

Here's a quick look at the poll results:

  • Almost all (94%) of Republicans say Democrats are to be blamed for most of the voter fraud in the recent election. Only 6% say Republicans were behind the cheating.
  • A little more than half (51%) of those who participated in the poll say voter fraud is a problem in big cities run by Democrats. A little less than half (49% ) say it is not a problem.
  • A huge percentage (90%) of those polled support voter identification laws. These will ensure that every vote cast in the election for president and Congress was cast by a legal citizen who was eligible to vote (i.e. not an illegal alien, not dead, and so on).
  • Nearly the same number of those polled (88%) say states should require all mail-in ballots to have a matching signature with the person's voter registration.
  • More than half (57%) think mainstream media channels like CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC should say Biden is the winner, even though recounts are being conducted in several states. A huge majority of Trump voters (77%) and Republicans (70%) say the media should not do that.
  • More people believe media hasn't been fair to Trump as compared to Biden: slightly less than half (42%) say media coverage has been unfair and biased against US President Trump, while a very small number (10%) say it has been unfair and biased against Biden. Nearly half of all polled (48%) say media has been fair to both.
  • Regardless of results, the recent election didn't change Americans' view of the country's future. It also didn't make people happy.