Arizona, Michigan Poll Watchers Present Voter Fraud Evidence

Official absentee ballot

Arizona and Michigan poll watchers presented voter fraud evidence in a hearing held yesterday by President Donald Trump's legal team and local Republican state legislators.

The hearing, broadcasted live by the One America News Network and Right Side Broadcasting Network, delved on the different accounts of irregularities experienced by voting officials and witnesses during the election.

More than a dozen witnesses came to the stand and narrated incidents that gave weight to Trump's call to investigate on the credibility of the elections.

One of the witnesses that came forward was Jesse Morgan, a truck driver with USPS subcontractor who took the courage to testify he carried 288,000 completed ballots.

"They were completed ballots. I didn't think much about it at the time," Morgan confessed.

"I was made to wait roughly six hours," he continued, "I tried to get the attention of poll workers but no one was telling me what's going on."

Morgan detailed the unusual changes in his route and instructions for that day when he was asked to deliver the ballots. He was even surprised later on that his entire trailer disappeared from where he left it when he returned to work the next day.

"What happened on October 21st was a series of unusual events that can not be coincidences. I know I saw ballots with return addresses filled out. Thousands of them. Thousands! Loaded onto my trailer in New York and headed for Pennsylvania," he stressed.

"At first, I didn't think it was a big deal. In fact, I felt that it was really awesome. But as things became weirder I got to thinking and wondered why I was driving completed ballots from New York and headed to Pennsylvania. I didn't know why so I decided to speak up. And that's what I am doing today," he ended.

 Retired US Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer, who was present during the hearing, confirmed Morgan's story.

"We have evidence of a massive transfer of completed, curated ballots ready to be injected into counting centers," Shaffer said when he took the witness stand.

A poll watcher, on the other hand, during the Arizona hearing stated the signature in the ballots were completely illegible and didn't resemble what it was being matched to but officials told them not to worry about it and just proceed with it. While another witness remarked that there were ballots that actually looked like photocopies of another.

The credibility of the voting machines used, particularly the Dominion Voting Systems, was also one of the areas given focused on during the hearing.

Retired Colonel Phil Waldron, a cyber security expert, stated that the Dominion Voting Systems was compromised, unsecure, and vulnerable to being tampered. The system is vulnerable because it is connected to the internet and can be easily accessed by hackers to modify election outcomes.

Waldron told Arizona lawmakers that Dominion nevertheless had the political muscle to be involved in the elections. He also pointed out the use of the Smartmatic derivative software in Arizona, which indirectly confirms the claims of the potential meddling of Venezuela and Iran during the elections, as per One American Network.