Bereaved Pastor Speaks Out Following Son's Death A Day After Receiving The Pfizer Jab

Pastor Marva Pescier
Screengrabbed image of bereaved Pastor Marva Pescier tearfully speaking about her son's death just a day after receiving the Pfizer COVID jab. |

The son of a prominent Trinidad & Tobago pastor, died one day after getting the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine on Sept. 17. The bereaved pastor is now speaking out.

Pastor Marva Pescier's testimony was featured on No More Silence, a website that compiles stories of people harmed by COVID shots. On Sept. 17, her son received the Pfizer shot. Her son had a serious stroke later that day. He was brought to the hospital, but he died the next day, on Sept. 18.

On Saturday, a distraught Pastor Pescier posted on Facebook that her son had gotten his COVID-19 Vaccine on Friday and that night "he fell off his bed with a massive stroke with bleeding in his head."

"He fell off his bed with a massive stroke with bleeding in his head. He was bleeding in his brain," she said. "This afternoon (Saturday) I went down to the hospital, and they pronounced him dead."

"I am sending a message to Prime Minister Rowley, and I am telling you to stop this nonsense because it's killing son is dead because he took the vaccine," she said, as someone broke down crying in the background of the video.

Facebook deleted Pastor Peschier's post, but the video can be accessed via No More Silence's website as well as its Rumble page.

Pastor Pescier has reportedly been summoned to a meeting with the authorized health agency.

Dr. Roshan Parasram, the Chief Medical Officer, stated that he had requested that the appropriate Regional Health Authority (RHA) meet with the family of the deceased young man and reveal the results of a preliminary investigation.

The CMO further revealed that another event of a similar kind had occurred under the jurisdiction of another RHA, and he requested that the officials meet with the families as well.

Despite the fact that Parasram could not specify the location of the second event, he did state that in Pescier case, the doctors involved had submitted a "preliminary" investigation report. He said that they have been ordered to meet with the family and to present their findings to him and the minister with a final report.

According to the Trinidad Express, Pescier subsequently removed the Facebook post but said that her son had been admitted to hospital on Friday and had been diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage. He eventually died at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex (EWMSC) in Mt Hope. A copy of it, on the other hand, was re-uploaded on Facebook by a sympathizer of the pastor.

Parasram said that he would be able to provide additional information on the subject after the completion of the final report.

According to the CMO, in the event of an adverse reaction, the ministry would typically notify the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and, "sometimes," the manufacturer of the vaccine.

Pescier is reported to have lost another son, gospel singer Denton "Gitta Dan" Pescier, to an unidentified disease in 2017.

T&T Newsday reported around three days ago that Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh stated an extra 50,000 doses of the Pfizer COVID19 vaccine will be added to the system for adult usage, allowing another 25,000 people access to it.

On Monday, he said that 23,315 people had received the Pfizer shot, out of a total of 50,000 distributed by the Prime Minister on Sept. 5.

The outlet noted that the Pfizer vaccine, which was donated by the US, was originally reserved for secondary school students and those aged 12 to 18, since it has been approved by the WHO for use in children. However, with the shot's expiration date nearing and the number of teenagers seeking vaccination decreasing, the decision was made to make the Pfizer vaccine accessible to the masses.