Christian Groups Unite in Solidarity Prayer, Urging Immediate Action to Halt 50-Day Spree of Killings, Violence in Manipur


The Assam Christian Forum (ACF) and Conference of Religious India Northeast (CRI-NEI) joined forces in a powerful display of unity and faith as they held a solidarity prayer on Saturday, Jun 24. The event called for ending the killings, violence, arson, and hatred that have plagued Manipur for over 50 days.

Call to End Killings in Manipur

Despite the deployment of a heavy Army, armed forces, and police presence, the unrest has shown no signs of abating. Thus, religious leaders from various denominations within the Christian community gathered to pray fervently for the troubled state of Manipur, appealing to both the Central government and the Manipur Government to take decisive action that will restore peace, security, and justice for its people, The Times of India reported.

AC spokesman Allen Brooks stated that the people of Manipur had been hoping against hope that the bloodshed would stop after the union home minister came to their state. However, to their great disappointment, the situation on the ground has not changed, which is a significant setback and saddens the people. The Assam Christian Forum represents the collective voice of the Christian community in Assam, encompassing members from various denominations. Their unity and determination to seek divine intervention in times of crisis serve as a testament to the unwavering faith and commitment of the community.

On the other hand, The Sentinel reported that members of the National Boro Christian Council (NBCC), the apex body of Boro churches in Assam, also gathered in the Church Hall owned by the NELC, Bongaigaon Mission on Saturday. The purpose of their assembly was a solidarity prayer dedicated to the troubled state of Manipur. In addition, the prayer program, centered around the theme of peace for Manipur, saw the congregation holding two placards symbolizing their unwavering support. Among the attendees was Lawrence Islary, the respected MLA from Kokrajhar East, who actively participated in the event. The prayer gathering was a powerful testament to the solidarity and empathy the NBCC and its members displayed. By coming together in prayer, they reportedly showcased their support for the people of Manipur and emphasized the significance of peace and harmony in the face of adversity.

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Restoring Peace

According to Reuters, the Indian federal government has directed the chief minister of Manipur state to intensify efforts to bring about peace, as violent clashes between ethnic groups have persisted for over 50 days despite heightened security measures. N. Biren Singh, the chief minister of the northeastern state, revealed that he was summoned to New Delhi for discussions with Home Minister Amit Shah, who advised him to redouble his efforts towards achieving lasting peace in Manipur.

As mentioned, Singh has been tasked with establishing additional communication channels with all stakeholders to facilitate long-lasting peace in the state. Furthermore, Manipur's government has extended the ban on internet services for an additional five days until Friday, Jun 30, to manage the crisis effectively. As the violence and unrest in Manipur persist, it remains crucial for all parties involved to engage in constructive dialogue and pursue meaningful solutions to restore peace and harmony in the state.

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