Equality Act Spells ‘The Effective Death Of Religious Liberty’ In America, Theologian Albert Mohler Says


American theologian Albert Mohler, one of the leading voices advocating religious freedom, said that the Equality Act "represents the greatest present threat to religious liberty in the United States."

In his written analysis published on Public Discourse, Dr. Mohler detailed how the Equality Act inched its way to the Court, its negative impact on religious freedom, and the long term consequences once approved.

"Beyond the direct legislative reach of the bill, the Equality Act would send a clear moral message throughout the culture, with both national and international consequences," wrote Mohler.

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary president said that more than the "moral message," the Equality Act is also "a draconian threat of legal, political, financial, and cultural coercion" which does not recognize the "sacred rights of religious congregations and denominations." This means that the bill's cultural coercion will not just disadvantage Christians but also citizens of other religious convictions.

"Evangelicals and Catholics, Orthodox Jews and Muslims, Seventh-day Adventists and Mormons all understand the radical theological differences that separate us. But the factor common to all is the claim of an authoritative scripture," noted Mohler. "Those religious texts are incompatible with the normalization of LGBTQ identities, behaviors, relationships, and gender confusions."

This, according to Mohler, is "the central fact" why "moral revolutionaries" are using "the coercive powers of the state" in the guise of protection and economic equity.

Mohler warns that more than bending the law in its favor, in practice, the bill will also expand its claims against "religious schools, ministries, non-profits, and all religious institutions" in the name of protecting the constitutional rights of the LGBTQ+ community.

"The Equality Act would not only establish Bostock as federal law; it would also expand the reach of the law far beyond the text of the Court's decision."

Mohler added that the bill would transform the United States into an "anti-theological state," prioritizing the interests of LGBTQ liberation at the expense of religious freedom.

"This means the threat of the state directed against any claim of divine revelation that contradicts the new morality, the newly minted definition of marriage, and the newly constructed 'rights' of the LGBTQ revolution",Mohler pointed out.

"Visible before our eyes is the threat of an anti-theological state and the end of authentic religious liberty in America," said Mohler in his essay conclusion.

According to Christian Headlines' report, the bill H.R. 5, known as Equality Act, "would amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964 - a law that was passed to confront racial discrimination - by adding "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" to the list of protected classes for public places, education, housing and employment."

The pain comes when individuals or groups are deprived of their first liberty as citizens because the bill, as worded by The Christian Headlines, "explicitly forbids individuals from using the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 to sue based on classes covered by the Equality Act."

Furthermore, the "burden of proof" will fall on the shoulders of the concerned institutions or business owners acting on their religious conviction This, back to Dr. Mohler, leads to "the effective death of religious liberty."