Faith-Filled Harvard Law Student Boldly Shares Gospel And Testimony In School Website

Harvard Law student Marianna Marques boldly shared her testimony in the school's website
Harvard Law student Marianna Marques boldly shared her testimony in the school's website. |

A Harvard law student defied the norm of the university when she testified about her faith in the school's website.

In the post, Marianna Marques shared her journey in Christ and how her relationship with the LORD led her to Harvard, Faithwire reported.

Marques underscored the thrill of finding her voice which, she said, comes from the Lord Jesus Christ.

"My life belongs to Jesus Christ, so I choose to allow Him to speak through me. When Jesus walked the Earth, many tried to silence Him and to stop Him from denouncing the corrupt religious leaders. They even killed Him, thinking that death would quench His voice. But when He resurrected three days later, He proved that His voice would never die," she wrote.

"Instead, His innocent blood was spilled in the place of our guilty blood. He paid the price for our sins so that we could be free. Free from anxiety, depression, vices, anger, pain, trauma, pride, greed, and on and on. By asking Jesus to forgive us for all we've done wrong and by continually seeking Him, we are saved. We are set free from the pain of our past and worries of our present and future. We live forever (John 3). This good news is what my voice now proclaims," she further stated.

In a podcast interview with Billy Hallowell, Marques disclosed that she responded to an invitation from the university's admissions department, looking for students to write on its blog, "Student Voices." Noting the lack of people who share about "the spiritual side" of coming to law school, she decided to discuss about her faith, thinking that it is a "unique perspective."

Knowing that the enemy is hindering people from discovering the truth about having "freedom, salvation [and] life in abundance through Christ," she expected that publishing the piece would be a "spiritual battle." However, she knew that if God wanted the story to be shared, He would also make a way.

She anticipated criticism on her article but revealed that she received positive feedback instead. One of her friends in Brazil even told her that her story inspired a person to come to Christ - something that made Marques really glad.

She believes that her purpose in Harvard is to share about the truth and love of Jesus to others. She also considers it as an opportunity to show what God can do to people when they give their lives to Him.

She dismissed the claims that Harvard is "doomed," saying that it's only what the "enemy is trying to push." But she pointed out that the church, through the power of Christ, still has the authority to defy the "power of darkness" and claim the victory.

Marques clarified that believers can already live in victory while they are here in the world, not just after they transition into the next life and live eternally with the LORD.

She said that God is actually moving in the campus but the media is just avoiding to show it and opting to spread negative news instead.

With the post, Marques wanted to highlight the importance of having a relationship with the LORD, as well as trusting in His guidance.