Former Male Stripper Found His Way Back to Jesus Christ

Reaching Jesus’ Hand

Kevin Kirchen is a former male stripper who returned to Jesus Christ following his attempt to end his life. Despite his past, he was able to change and was ordained as a pastor of the Gospel and of deliverance in 2020.

Kevin Kirchen's Life Journey

Kevin Kirchen, 58, mentioned in an interview with Christian Post that he had a strong feeling of being detached from his family when he was a child. When he was 12 years old, his father passed away, and two years later, his mother left him at a police station after deciding that her boyfriend was more important than her son. Kirchen claimed he started talking with Satan as a teenager because he felt he didn't fit anywhere. At 14, Kirchen was forced out of his house and began to sofa surf, spending many nights at the homes of various friends.

A year later, he moved back in with his mother briefly, but he eventually left because he felt unwelcome. Around 16, he was welcomed to live with his brother and roommates after spending several months living on the streets as a homeless person. His brother's roommates invited him to attend the local church with them. And that same year, Kirchen put his faith in Jesus Christ and became a Christian. Kirchen first connected with the family that would go on to become his foster parents at the church he was attending. However, due to the hindrance of the church, he was eventually kicked out of his foster family's house, which triggered him to develop anger with God and blame the church.

He experienced many challenges in life. Kirchen became a dancer and stripper and was later introduced to being a porn star, lasting over a decade. As mentioned, he got a lot of money, drugs, connections, and women; however, his depression worsened, and he tried to kill himself by putting a gun inside his mouth in an abandoned place. "I was ready to pull the trigger and end this mess. And I had all the intentions of doing it. I put the gun in my mouth, and as I pressed down on the trigger, I heard, 'don't do it. I love you,'" Kirchen stated. He reportedly heard it for the second time and left the field, knowing God had spoken to him.

As mentioned, Kirchen started dating online after leaving the porn industry. He married Patrice, a dating app match, in 2012 and took him to the church. He recommitted to a relationship with Christ in the same year and was subsequently baptized. Returning to the church, he met Pastor Roger Frye of Pathway to Freedom, who became his mentor in his spiritual journey. Following their encounter, Pastor Frye claimed to have performed a two-hour deliverance session on Kirchen, which was a factor in Kirchen's decision to return to faith in Christ in 2012. Kirchen was also ordained to become a minister of the Gospel and deliverance by Pastor Frye in 2020.

According to Barnes and Noble, Kevin Kirchen wrote a book entitled, "MY GAME, MY PAIN MY PURPOSE." It was also recommended by Pastor Frye, who said, "Read this book - learn the truth about a modern-day wreck to redemption story and how God definitely had a plan for Kevin's life and yours as well."

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Pastor Roger Frye of Pathway to Freedom

Based on an article from the Pathway to Freedom, Pastor Roger Frye has served in various ministerial capacities for over 40 years. In addition to his role as a Pastor on staff at Pathway Church in Farmersville, Texas, he is ministering to individuals in inner healing and freedom in Christ. He and his wife, Ruthie, live in Princeton, Texas, where they also raise their two grown children and five grandchildren. Pastor Frye is also a published author who has written publications that have received positive reviews in Freedom Ministry. These books include "Soul Pain" and "Conquering Fear."

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