Former White House Physician Has ‘No Confidence’ Over Biden’s ‘Cognitive Or Physical Ability To Serve’ As President


Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden may not be fit enough to do his job if he should be declared as the new president of the United States, a former White House physician commented on Saturday.

During an interview with Breitbart, congressman-elect Dr. Ronny Jackson expressed concerns over Biden's health and capability to lead the country.

"I have no confidence in his cognitive or physical ability to serve as our commander in chief and our head of state," he said. He added that, in his opinion, Biden "doesn't have the cognitive resources or the physical stamina" to fulfill such a role.

"God forbid he becomes our president," Jackson said.

He clarified he wasn't just referring to Biden's recently fractured foot. He said anyone can slip or fall, and that he himself broke an ankle while campaigning. The issue, he emphasized, is that "something is going on with Joe Biden's health."

Jackson pointed out that the Democratic presidential candidate looks different today than he did in the early days of the campaign. He also wondered if Biden is being "medicated" right now.

Jackson believes 78-year-old Biden has entered a transition period in which he is developing a "cognitive issue" that is brought about by old age-something that would be problematic if he should become the commander-in-chief. If Biden should win the presidency, he would be the oldest US president in history.

Last week, Biden fractured his right foot, prompting his doctors to let him wear an orthopedic boot for a few weeks, according to The Washington Times.

According to Biden's team, the former vice president fractured his right foot while playing with his dog, Major. The injury raised fears over the condition of Biden's health given his age.

In 2019, Biden's doctor Kevin O'Connor declared that the presidential candidate is "healthy" and "vigorous" and could take on the challenges and duties of being the president, including functioning as the Chief Executive, Head of State, and Commander in Chief.

However, Dr. David Scheiner, who was a physician of former Pres. Obama, disputed this claim after reviewing O'Connor's medical report on Biden, saying the presidential candidate is "not a healthy guy."

Scheiner said that while Biden is "not in bad shape," he wouldn't say the presidential hopeful is in "outstanding health." He also said there's no guarantee Biden won't have any health issue in the next four years.

"Could I guarantee he won't have issues for the next four years? He has a lot of issues that are just sort of sitting there," Scheiner noted, according to Fox News.

Jackson said he is convinced that if Biden would win, he would be some kind of stand-in president who would give way for vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris shortly after his inauguration-a theory that many others are inclined to believe. This arrangement could have been planned from the start, Jackson added.

"I'm a firm believer that if he gets in, he won't be there for more than a year before something comes up and they have to remove him from office, and Kamala Harris is our president," the former White House physician said.

There have been questions about Biden's cognitive issues, which became apparent when he publicly made mistakes on the campaign trail.

In one instance, he called Pres. Trump as "George," mistakenly referring to him as former Pres. Bush. At one time, while giving a speech in South Carolina, Biden announced he was running for the Senate. And there was a time when he welcomed reporters to Kingswood Community Center in Delaware, but he was in a different location. He obviously forgot where he was and tried to dismiss it as a joke.