How To Handle A Society That Is More Stressed Out Than Ever

How to Handle a Society That is More Stressed Out Than Ever

Learn how a person can deal with a world that is unhappy and super stressed out through biblical guidance.

It is undeniable that the 21st century has introduced a new kind of stressful environment for people living in the modern day and age. Modernization and technology offers a new kind of connectivity and innovation but also brings about a slew of new problems. A poll analyzing society's negative experiences and stress levels in today's world gives new insights on how people feel more uncertain than ever.

According to the Gallup Negative Experience Index of 2021, people all over the world have had more negative experiences and fewer positive ones in the second year of the pandemic compared to the first. It also showed how there have been higher levels of stress and sadness globally, as people have felt less well-rested and experienced less enjoyment in life.

The report revealed that 2021 was full of uncertainty for many, causing people to become "slightly sadder, more worried and more stressed-out," pushing Gallup's Negative Experience Index to 33, another new high from previous years.

The survey asked adults in 122 countries and areas in 2021 if they had "five different negative experiences on the day before the survey," and compiled the results into one index. results showed that in 2021, four out of 10 adults worldwide said they experienced a lot of worry (42%) or stress (41%). A little more than three out of 10 or 31% said they experienced a lot of physical pain. In addition, 28% said they experienced sadness and 23% they experienced anger.

These numbers show an increase from the record highs found in 2020, when the pandemic first sparked.

Conversely, the positive experience index had dropped for the first time in years. Now, fewer people reported that they had positive experiences the day before the survey. Now, the Positive Experience Index score in 2021 is 69, a drop from the consistent 71 score from 2018 to 2020.

In order to deal with a global society that is more stressed than ever, many turn to Scripture for advice. Jim Denison wrote in the Christian Headlines that one must reflect on Hebrews 12:2, which speaks of overcoming Satan and obtaining peace with God by "looking unto Jesus" and keeping one's eyes on Him, reflecting on his life, sufferings, merits, and death, and keeping it "fresh upon thy mind" day in and day out.

Surrendering to God is also spoken of in Ephesians 5:18, which instructs Christians to give up one's mind, perspectives, and days to the Lord, who draws us closer to Jesus. By becoming closer to Jesus, people are more able to "see the world through the prism of his love, presence, and sovereign power" and God will fill people with "all joy and peace in believing" and that the Holy Spirit would fill them with "hope," as proclaimed in Romans 15:13. Here are more tips on how to handle a society that is more stressed out than ever.

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Praise and Pray to God to Handle Stress on a Daily Basis

Statistics say that more than 70% of Americans admit to experiencing physical or psychological stress. In order to address the problem of stress however, one must examine the causes of stress to begin to mediate the symptoms, the Institute for Faith, Work & Economics suggested. Stress impacts one's day to day life and even one's relationship with God. Stress distracts people from His blessings, guidance, and goodness. Worshiping despite one's struggles can help sort out one's negative feelings. Such stresses often cause people to blame God for their misfortune.

By worshiping Him, people can be reminded of His goodness and the blessings He had already bestowed and He continues to promise to bestow on his believers. Praying also helps one focus on God, despite the noise that stress brings. Praying brings peace and comfort knowing that He is listening because it "re-routes our primary attention from an earthly issue to our heavenly Father."

Seek out help from others in a community.

No man is an island. One needs others to thrive and survive. When dealing with a society that is stressed out, reach out to others for help, as they may be experiencing similar situations in which they would appreciate a helping hand or simply someone to relate to.

It is a humbling experience to realize that people are merely "finite and fallible." Seeking out help is an admission of this. Connecting with the community can also help when one is dealing with too much stress. When surrounded by other believers, praying and worshiping together brings strength and healing to the struggling.

Lift Up Stresses to the Lord

Finally, the act of lifting up one's stresses and burdens to the Lord is an often overlooked advice when one is feeling too overwhelmed in dealing with daily stresses. Matthew 11:28-30 reminds believers that God instructs he who is "weary and burdened" to "come" to Him with their stresses and struggles because He will "give you rest." Giving up one's burdens to God is a sign of faith that He will work things out and provide comfort and healing.

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