One's identity is often fully shaped when he or she is in her twenties. It's a decade in which things are uncertain but success can be within reach. This is where faith comes in. In college, young adults have the tendency to lose faith or stop attending church for various reasons. But the twenties can be a time to renew one's faith and come back to God.

Despite a person's ability to change no matter what age they are, the twenties play a role in how the rest of his or her life plays out. It comes down to the decisions the person makes in terms or his or her career and the people he or she surrounds themselves with. Desiring God explains that many people "fail to even realize that we're building a foundation in our twenties."

Instead of seeing life as apartments that people can rent for a while, spiritual life is something more permanent that has to be worked on, especially in one's 20's, because one's decisions impact the rest of their lives. Here is some biblical advice for Christians in their 20's to help them through life.

1. Build a good foundation for spiritual life.

Scripture, specifically Matthew 7:26-27 likens those who do not listen to the Word of God as "a foolish man who built his house on the sand." Without the Bible, people in their 20's will not be able to create a good, solid foundation for their spiritual life.

Jesus said, "Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock." This "wise man" had a house made of rock that withstood the rains and storms. The solid foundation or structure of one's faith enables a person to withstand life's challenges, struggles, and burdens.

2. Make reading the Bible a regular routine.

Creating a routine that involves reading the Bible secures God's time in your life. Allotting time to reflect on Scripture means you're making time for the Lord in your busy schedule. This makes Him a priority and makes it easier for a person to schedule things around that priority, especially when one grows older and starts a family and takes on more responsibilities.

Reading the Bible can be done in solitude, or if a person feels difficulty in reading it alone and is confused about certain aspects of it, he or she can seek out help from friends and like-minded individuals or attend Bible studies.

3. Commit to fighting against sin.

One's 20's can be filled with eye-opening adventures, but it can also be the time that one is exposed to different kinds of sin. This is why the 20's is the best time to commit to fighting against sin. Many people "avoid the battle" and "pay for their complacency later" in life. Those who commit to fighting against sin will learn how to discern it, confess or confront it, and live guilt-free knowing that they are forgiven and saved by Christ.

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4. Seek out a community.

In a person's 20's, he or she will meet all kinds of people through work or school. Such school, work, and faith community settings help provide new opportunities to develop relationships that would shape one's life.

Tim and Olive's Blog recommends using this time to learn how to relate to others by honing one's listening skills, developing empathy, and fostering healthy conflict resolution in a Christian-like way. Encounter people who will challenge one's faith or walk together towards Christlikeness and maintain those relationships.

5. Set a good example to others.

Christians bear the responsibility to live out biblical values no matter where they go. Do not be pressured by having to be a good example to others. Instead, reflect on Scripture and live out the values learned from the Bible.

As Ambassadors of Christ, Christians must be "the light of the world," sharing God's message and drawing more people to Him by good example and good deeds. Scripture said, "You are the light of the world...Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven."

6. Listen carefully and heed the call.

Other 20-something year olds often "delay getting close to God," not knowing that heeding His call will "maximize the opportunities" in which He can work in people's lives, Premier Gospel advised. Accepting Jesus in one's 20's can allow more time for a person to do His work and learn more wisdom to renew one's heart and mind and make Jesus to be the center of one's life.

Heeding God's call will also help one nurture his community by reaching out to others in need and sharing the Word. Answering God's call not only benefits the person, but the community around him, as he or she is inspired to make a good change by doing God's work.

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