Kirk Cameron's Homeschooling Documentary Labels Public Schools As 'Enemy Number 1' Of Parents, Children

Kirk Cameron's Homeschooling Documentary Labels Public Schools as 'Enemy Number 1' of Parents, Children

A noted Christian actor released the trailer for his homeschooling documentary and discussed why parents must reconsider sending their kids to public schools.

Actor and producer Kirk Cameron recently unveiled a sneak peek into "The Homeschool Awakening," a documentary that he said he had been working on for two years and will finally be aired on June 13 and 14 only. In a video shared on his Instagram, the 51 year old father of six called upon parents to "cultivate the hearts, souls, and minds of our children" while sounding the alarm on how "public education has become Public Enemy No. 1" for parents and children alike.

Cameron credited the COVID pandemic and its associated lockdowns for enabling parents to become "rossly aware of the inaccurate and the immoral things that the public school system has been teaching our children and our grandchildren," CBN News reported. He also accused the public school system for "actively working against" parents in teaching children good Christian values.

Cameron declared that it was a parent's responsibility to lead their children "toward what is good, what is right, beautiful and true."

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Homeschooling Documentary Shares Educational Options for American Children

Cameron called upon parents to take back the education of their children because "whoever controls the textbooks, controls the future." For the actor, public schools are now shaping the "minds, hearts, and souls" of students today and this is what will determine in the future "whether or not we live in a free country." For him, today's youth are tomorrow's leaders, the very same people who will defend freedom of speech, religious freedoms, and other freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

In Cameron's homeschooling documentary, he not only provides parents with educational options for their children, but he also debunks common myths surrounding the practice, which he said "looks different for different people," the Christian Headlines reported. He added that the homeschooling documentary will explore all other options so that parents and children can move away from public schools.

Public Schools See a Decline in Enrollment Rates

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, homeschooling had already been growing rapidly from 1999 to 2012, but it wasn't until the COVID pandemic that it saw a dramatic boost. In fact, during the Spring season of 2020, 5.4% of U.S. households with school-aged children said in a survey that they were homeschooling their kids. The figure grew to 11.1% by the Fall of the 2020-2021 school year. Moreover, the state that showed the most significant change from public schools to homeschooling was Massachusetts, which showed a jump from 1.5% to 12.1%.

Meanwhile, public schools have been shedding students since the pandemic began. According to the Christian Science Monitor, more families are now opting for homeschooling and private schools, forcing public schools to slash its budgets, cut jobs, close down, or even sell their property. In Kansas City, a school system shed 100 jobs, while in Oakland, California, seven schools have closed. Despite millions of dollars in federal funding, public schools are still feeling the crunch.

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