Over $28M Raised And A Thousand Christians Evacuated: Glenn Beck Shares Astonishing Update On Afghanistan Rescue Mission

Afghanistan Taliban occupation
Taliban accused some men of theft, and colored their faces with black color to embarrass them, and paraded them in Herat city after the Friday prayers. |

Conservative radio host, television producer and board member of The Nazarene Fund Glenn Beck announced that a third plane has left Afghanistan carrying Christian refugees trying to escape the Taliban-infested capital of Kabul.

The Nazarene Fund, which works "to liberate the captive, to free the enslaved, and to rescue, rebuild and restore the lives of Christians," was overwhelmed with millions of dollars worth of donations to help support the Afghanistan rescue mission. To date, it was able to raise over $28 million to help get Christians and others seeking refuge out of Kabul in Afghanistan.

"Operation Nazarene Rescue: flight three has just taken off. Now 1200 Christians evacuated and flown to safety. It has been a good day!" Beck announced in a Facebook post.

This follows an earlier announcement wherein Beck said the Nazarene Fund was busy making sure people are loaded onto a second plane "while we slept."

"Oh happy day! While we slept, @thenazarenefund was busy loading planes. This was the second plane load of Afghanistan Christian refugees leaving Kabul," Beck wrote on his Facebook page on Tuesday. "More to come! Thank you for your prayers and kindness. We heal ourselves when we heal others."

Beck's post was accompanied with a photo of people boarding a plane in the Kabul airport. Last week, the radio host called upon his listeners and followers to donate to The Nazarene Fund and "give until it hurts" so that thousands of Christians could be safely evacuated from Afghanistan. He called upon his listeners and followers, saying that The Nazarene Fund needed "an enormous amount of money" to help "people that are marked for death for what they believe in."

The 57 year old Mercury Radio Arts CEO's calls for donations were met with overwhelming response when The Nazarene Fund was able to raise over $22 million in just three days, funds that would go to the evacuation of Afghan Christian refugees in Kabul. But now, the amount of donations has grown to $28.6 million, CBN News reported. The overwhelming amount of donations pouring in came with no help from the mainstream media, just Beck and his strong follower base and those who sought to help other Christians in need.

On his Instagram, Beck recounted how "yesterday was one of the more frustrating days" and that rescuers " just kept spinning wheels, there's just chaos at the airport." He added, "However, we have lots of people on the tarmac now, these Christians we told you about, and more coming."

Beck gave an update on the status of Christian evacuations in Kabul, writing, "We have engaged twenty 757's minimum all lined up, ready to go. Because you donated to the Nazarene Fund, we can do this. By the end of the week, we will be able to move 7,000 Christians. It's pretty remarkable."

Beck added a prayer request because countries are now having "cold feet'' in accepting refugees. He said it didn't matter how large or small a country was, any little help would mean a lot. In fact, Zimbabwe, which is also struggling, had already pledged to welcome Christians into their country. He added that other countries who have previously worked with The Nazarene Fund are now hesitant to welcome Afghan Christians because of "spiritual warfare."

"Everything has been a battle. It's a battle of good vs. evil," Beck concluded.