Pastor Warns Parents Against Satanic Content In Marvel’s New ‘Doctor Strange’ Movie


Joe Schimmel, the Senior Pastor of Blessed Hope Chapel in California, gave notice to parents about Marvel's latest film, "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness," claiming that it features a lot of satanic content.

Marvel incorporates Christian motifs to make the film seem acceptable, Schimmel told CBN News. He observed that they are imbuing terrible characters with characteristics of Christ, allowing many Christians to lower their guard without comprehending the danger.

The anti-God focus and bad undertones in Marvel films and DC comics were evident, according to the pastor and documentary filmmaker. He said that it can be easily distinguished. Families and children are being influenced. The parents were raised on comic books, but these aren't the same comic book characters and stories as before. Schimmel noted that they've darkened considerably.

He encouraged that Christians need to make sure they're putting on the armor of God and being discerning and not to be naive of Satan's methods. Countless sequences of the protagonists performing spells, using occultic methods and eastern religious aspects, and interacting with demons may be found in the new "Multiverse of Madness" film.

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Massive Witchcraft In 'Multiverse'

Christians who have witnessed one of the milder sequences, however, could describe it as particularly sacrilegious. Doctor Strange swipes his palm over a cup, changing water into wine and transforming the spell-casting warlock into someone like Jesus Christ.

Doctor Strange and the infamous real-life occultist Aleister Crowley share similarities, according to Schimmel. According to the plot, "Doctor Droom," was an Englishman sorcerer who discovers himself and synthesizes occultism. He practices his wizardry with the aid of a third eye.

In a review of "Focus on the Family's Plugged In," the latest Marvel flick was brimming with witchcraft. They've said that the combination of characters of Doctor Strange and Wanda the Scarlet Witch brought massive magic. As compared to the spells seen in the movie "The Lord of the Rings," they observed that the film has the darkest and most occultic in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe that they've seen.

The "Multiverse of Madness" featured the sorceries used by Doctor Strange and Wanda's witchcraft. Both characters which play the major roles in the film, were shown to have access of same type of spell books. In the movie, people would witness both of them cast an incredible number of spells.

Guard Children Against Evil

Schimmel, the founder of Good Fight Ministries, just presented the first episode of "Marvel and DC's War on God," a seven-part exposé. The series demonstrates how anti-Christ elements such as violence, sexual depravity, blasphemy, and the occult are prevalent in popular comic books and films. His eagerness to expose the dark content of these flicks and comic books moved him into creating the series.

He revealed that some of the most well-known comic book creators have acknowledged utilizing seduction, manipulation, the occult, and the Bible to persuade children to have a mistaken picture of God. Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, and the late Stan Lee were the top three comic book writers, according to Schimmel.

He responded that the best way for Christians to comprehend the demonic nature of these personalities is to study the Bible. For him, the Lord will make everything right. The fight is in the spiritual realm, he said. "As Christians, we need to be ever diligent to guard our children. We are supposed to hate evil and love God and renounce the works of darkness." He concluded that Christian parents should be cautious about what they feed their children's ears and eyes.

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