Please Pray: Efforts To Rescue 17 Christian Missionaries Still Underway Despite ‘Very Lawless Situation’

man in church kneeling in prayer

An international Christian group advocating against persecution have raised the need for prayers to help in the efforts to rescue the 17 American Christian Missionaries who are still held captive in Haiti.

Faithwire reported that Open Doors USA President David Curry called the ongoing abduction of the 17 missionaries "a very lawless situation" since the 400 Mawozo gang is currently demanding a "hefty ransom" for their release.

Open Doors USA, which have been working against Christian persecution for 60 years in over 60 countries, have earlier expressed its deep concern for the missionaries in a statement dated October 19.

Curry highlighted the "disturbing trend" that threatens the safety of those promoting the Christian faith in Haiti, since the abductors have previously kidnapped "five priests and two nuns earlier this year." Curry called on the White House and the State Department to ensure the quick return of the abducted American missionaries.

As reported previously, the 400 Mawozo gang abducted the missionaries who just visited an orphanage. The group is renowned to be against religious operations and is said to be keeping the missionaries in Croix-des-Bouquets, which is east of Haiti. The 17 missionaries included five children, seven women, and five men.

Curry disclosed that Christians would face hostility and even death when serving in dangerous areas like Haiti. He pointed out that, despite such dangers, Christians still go to such areas out of being "called and compelled to serve."

"Detainment, both from the government or from a rogue agency, is something that can happen. You can certainly have people who lose their lives," Curry explained.

"Many times, we lose people and we may not even know that they're gone because they're in such a remote area. People can be killed for their faith. But the message isn't just whether or not people are at risk in these countries. Why would you do that? It's because you feel called and compelled to serve in an area because it's difficult," he continued.

Curry clarified this does not mean walking "into needlessly foolish situations" but to take "meaningful risks" for their faith, "for the Gospel," which he believes is important. The Open Doors USA President then cited the need for prayer as taught in the Bible for those who "persecute you" and for those who are persecuted, citing 1 Corinthians 12:26.

"The only way I can explain it is that the biblical mandate to pray for those who persecute you is one of the beautiful, strange things in Scripture that is totally contrary to everything in my nature--my human nature, my temperament--but it's one of those things that, when you pray for your persecutor, you're taking...some of that control back, and God knows you need that. (I)t also is helping you renew your spirit in the midst of this tragedy," Curry elaborated.

"We are called to pray. There is a spiritual value to us, there is a battle value, so to speak, in the spiritual realm, when we pray together, so I encourage you to do it," he stressed.

Reports surfaced last week that the Mawozo gang released a video threatening to kill the missionaries if their ransom won't be paid. While U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan disclosed last Thursday, October 28, that agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation are already in Haiti working on the case and that he is giving updates on this to President Joe Biden who is "directly engaged in" securing the freedom of the missionaries.

On Saturday, intelligence revealed evidence that the missionaries are still alive and that prayers for them were requested.

Readers are urged to pray for the safety and release of the 17 American missionaries who are still trapped in Haiti.