Priest Holds Presser On 'Moral Outcry' Over Women's Health In Front Of Supreme Court

Fr. Frank Pavone

A priest who became controversial for his stand against abortion held a press conference on the "moral outrcy" over women's health in front of the United States Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday in anticipation of oral arguments scheduled for the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization case.

"Father Frank Pavone of Priest For Life holds a press conference previewing the oral arguments pertaining to the Dobbs v Jackson Womens Health case presented in front of the Supreme Court," Right Side Broadcasting Network tweeted Tuesday.

Pavone, who is Priest For Life National Director and former Pro-Life Voices for Trump National Co-Chair, was interviewed by Right Side Broadcasting on site before he took the podium for the press conference. The interview was live streamed online and provided details on what to expect during the press conference.

As per Pavone, the press conference is a result of months of preparing the people for the Supreme Court's hearing on the landmark case Dobbs v. Jackson. Pavone highlighted that what's special about the case is that unlike other abortion cases heard after Roe v. Wade the Dobbs v. Jackson is important since it goes to the "heart of the matter."

"As many people know, the Supreme Court ruled in 1973 in Roe v. Wade that abortion should be legal throughout the pregnancy...Since then, there have been dozen of decisions by the Supreme Court on abortion but most of them dealt with regulatory issues...but this case now goes to the heart of the matter: can the states actually protect the unborn," Pavone told RSBN on the importance of why they are holding the presser.

Pavone then cited the Mississippi Gestational Age Act as the very state law that would be mainly reviewed during the Supreme Court hearing. As previously reported, the state of Mississippi was sued for its Gestational Age Act that bans abortions on pregnancies 15 weeks and beyond. The Supreme Court announced in May that it will review the constitutionality of states banning abortions.

"The dispute that this has sparked is that what the court has been saying for 50 years now is that the states can not protect the babies prior to viability...And Mississippi says 'Why not?!', we know more about the baby now than before...we have to change things!" he explained.

The presser is a pre-event on the big rally held the next day to coincide with the Supreme Court's schedule for the oral arguments. The said rally involved various pro-life organizations and was led by Mississippi Attorney State General Lynn Finch, who has requested the Supreme Court in July, through a brief, to overturn Roe v. Wade since it has made it difficult to decide on the constitutionality of state bans on abortion.

Pavone explained that "The Moral Outcry" is a petition started by lawyer Allan Parker, Jr. who points out abortion is not only "wrong but is a crime against humanity."

According to its website, The Moral Outcry is a national program of a coalition of pro-life groups that "calls on the Supreme Court to reverse its abortion cases, and gives all Americans an opportunity to voice their moral outrage over abortion by signing the Moral Outcry petition."

During the presser, The Moral Outcry also unrolled of the giant scroll containing the United States Preamble to remind the Supreme Court that "all men are created equal" including the unborn. The rite represents the cry of the American people for mercy and for justice for the babies-a cry for life.

"We need to stop the shedding of innocent blood," the emcee stressed.