Rev. Franklin Graham Agrees With Meghan McCain On Biden’s Pro-Abortion Stance, Prays He Will Change His Mind

Rev. Franklin Graham
Rev. Franklin Graham |

Evangelist Rev. Franklin Graham positively reacts to Meghan McCain's trending statements on President Joe Biden's pro-abortion stance and says he will pray that for his change of mind.

The Christian Post reported that Graham has praised McCain for warning Biden that his stance on abortion will indeed "harm" him spiritually. The Samaritan's Purse President posted in Facebook on Tuesday his support for McCain and expressed his hope that Biden will change his mind on abortion.

"This week Meghan McCain, daughter of the late Senator John McCain, said that she believed President Biden was "doing grave spiritual harm to himself and the country" with his support of abortion. I have disagreed with Meghan on a number of political issues, but I think she is absolutely right on this issue," Graham said.

"I appreciate that Meghan isn't afraid to state the truth-and that she is willing to defend life even if it isn't politically correct to some. I pray that President Biden will reconsider his position on abortion in this country," he added.

Graham echoed his agreement with McCain on this issue on Wednesday in Twitter despite disagreeing with her previously "on a number of political issues" with a link on the news item.

McCain's assertions

McCain pointed out that the "onus is on the government" and "not the Church" since the latter would always attend to "everybody's spiritual journey," which is the reason why someone who claims to be a "devout Catholic" such as Biden should be wary that a "cardinal sin" such as abortion they are supporting could really harm them spiritually.

"The Church is always going to try and impede in every possible way they can and influence in every possible way they can. Everybody's spiritual journey," McCain elaborated, "is their own personal journey, and I don't try to proselytize my spirituality on other people, but if you are a devout Catholic, as President Biden claims to be, abortion is a cardinal sin that can do deep spiritual harm to you."

McCain, a renowned pro-life author, said in her program "The View" that Biden's support of abortion is contrary to him being "devout Catholic" and would only hurt him spiritually. She also said abortion is "murder" and that by supporting it means "the government-funded killing of the unborn."

"If you are a devout Catholic, as President Biden claims to be, abortion is a cardinal sin that can do deep spiritual harm to you, and President Biden had been supportive of the Hyde Amendment up until 2019 when he decided to run for president," McCain said.

Prior to receiving criticism for warning Biden on the spiritual effects of abortion, McCain also became controversial online for criticizing Planned Parenthood in April from whom she defended her stance on "defending" the unborn. Planned Parenthood retweeted a video that was hitting on McCain with fire emojis as captions to it.

"I believe life begins at conception--I will NEVER apologize or back down from defending the rights of the most vulnerable in our society, the unborn," McCain said in reply to Planned Parenthood.