Sen. Blackburn Calls For Investigation On Biden And Family's Ties To China

Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn

Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn called for an investigation on former Vice President Joe Biden and his family's ties to China in the face of intelligence reports that have surfaced on it, according to a report.

According to One America News Network, Blackburn said that Biden probably would not hold China accountable for its manipulative tactics to gain political influence if he wins the presidency. She said Biden has a comfortable relationship with China and this may supersede allegations against them orchestrating Democrats to win. Should Biden win, it will be the Senate's call to investigate on these allegations.

"They're going after politicians that they think are friendly to China, they're looking at governors that are friendly to China policy. And they're making their list and they're targeting the sphere of influence around these individuals," she said.

These remarks of the senator actually come from an interview conducted by Breitbart News Daily last Wednesday that discussed the efforts of President Donald Trump's team in fighting for election integrity.

In the interview, Blackburn revealed why "China is not our friend" because they are "pushing for world domination." She referred to ""China, North Korea, Iran, Russia" as "the new access of evil.

"They are going after politicians that they think are friendly to China. They are looking at governors that friendly to China policy. And they are making their list and they are target the sphere of influence around these people," she explained.

"If Joe Biden ends up as the President-elect and then the President, how would we handle something like this because there is a close relationship between Biden incorporated and China," she went on, "And it'll be up to the US Senate to investigate some of these ties that are coming from China."

She said that it is "mindboggling" for anyone to look at this as "okay" when China is known for "persecuting" people as well as their human rights violations.

Renowned for her staunch stand against China, Blackburn constantly shares about the Communist Imperial's inhuman acts in her Twitter account. Below is one such tweet:

She recently shared a commentary made by a China expert on the dangers of being passive to the allegations on China's ties with Biden.

"China expert @GordonCChang explains precisely why we can not have a president that is soft on China and able to be 'pushed around'," she tweeted last December 9 with a link to an article in FoxNews.

The allegations on Biden and family's ties to China surfaced last week when Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe exposed in an interview with CBS News that China is attempting to blackmail US legislators by helping them win in the elections in exchange for creating policies, laws, and economic opportunities favorable to China.

Add to this recent information that was revealed in the World Economic Forum held in Switzerland regarding the Great Reset that was started allegedly by China through the 2019 coronavirus pandemic meant to create changes in the way people lived worldwide according to The Heartland Institute Editorial Director Justin Haskins in an interview with CBS News last Tuesday.