Skillet's John Cooper Criticizes Christian Left For Being 'Silent' Over Roe v. Wade Leaked Opinion

Skillet's John Cooper Criticizes Christian Left for Being 'Silent' Over Roe v. Wade Leaked Opinion

The Christian band frontman made a quick, unscheduled "Daily Coop" video post about how Christian leftists have failed to comment on the possible reversal of Roe v. Wade.

On Monday, a draft opinion from Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito on the possible reversal of Roe v. Wade was leaked, causing uproar from both sides of the aisle. Pro-choice activists and advocates were up in arms, while most on the right, as well as conservatives, renewed their hope for abortion to be banned throughout the US. One conservative voice, Skillet's John Cooper, spoke out against the Christian left for failing to speak up about the controversial news.

In a quick "Daily Coop" update this week, Cooper denounced how the "Christian left," who he believes are "never quiet online about anything" have fallen "remarkably silent" since the issue came out on Monday.

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Conservative Musician Calls Out 'Christian Left' on Their 'Silence is Violence' Belief

Cooper has long been vocally critical about the "woke theology" and has been questioning the "Christian left" about their contradictory beliefs. This week, in response to the Roe v. Wade leaked opinion, the 47 year old conservative musician wondered why social justice advocates refused to speak up and thank God for the "groundbreaking" good news. He noted that the development is "something that Christians have been praying about literally for 50 years...begging and pleading God to intervene."

In the 13-minute video commentary this week, Cooper said that the "Christian left" are often the first ones to speak out or criticize a person when he or she says that they are "not loving justice" because they aren't "speaking out." He blasted them for preaching, "Silence is violence. Say what we tell you to say, or you're not being a good Christian."

Cooper also cited Christian author and podcaster Allie Beth Stuckey, who posed a similar question as to why the "Christian left" actually rarely have any arguments about abortion. He criticized them as saying that they are not political when they are in fact apolitical. The Skillet frontman also did not hold back in naming names.

The Silence of the "Christian Left"

Some of the "Christian left" voices Cooper believes has not spoken out about the Roe v. Wade leaked opinion are Beth Moore and Phil Vischer, the latter of which had only retweeted a message from Kaitlyn Schiess acknowledging the possibility of the decision being reversed. He also called out Russell Moore, Thabiti Anyabwile, and Timothy Keller.

Cooper theorized that there are two possible main reasons for the Christian left's silence on the Roe v. Wade leaked opinion. He believes that one reason is that they "want to be liked by the world" and be "given a pass" for hindering leftist ideologies. Secondly, he speculates that maybe the "Christian left" actually "don't hate abortion" the way they said they did. He added that he hopes to hear from them soon.

Meanwhile, the Roe v. Wade leaked opinion was described by Chief Justice John Roberts as "absolutely appalling" on Thursday, CNN reported. He also issued a warning to the people behind the leak, saying that they were "foolish" to think that it would affect the work of the Supreme Court.

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