Ted Cruz Speaks Of The Need For 'Slumbering' Christians To 'Wake Up' And Fight For The 'Coming Revival'

Sen. Ted Cruz

Sen. Ted Cruz called on the "slumbering Church" to "wake up" if the "woke assault" on the United States is to be overcome, predicting that a "revival is coming" during his talk at the Faith & Freedom Coalition's "Road to Majority" conference last Friday.

According to the Christian Post, Cruz' speech to the audience of Christian conservatives centered on two messages: "defend America" and an upcoming revival.

"I'm here today with two very simple messages. Number one, we need to defend America, and number two, a word of optimism, revival is coming."

Cruz claimed that the nation's foundations and "eternal principles" are being attacked with "relentless" vigor. He maintained that the United States has been a force for good in the world and that people should stand for the national anthem when it is played.

"Police officers keep us safe. Marriage is a holy covenant before God," he continued. "An unborn child is a child. Children do best when they are raised by a mother and a father. Israel is our friend. The Wuhan virus came from Wuhan. And there is a difference between boys and girls."

Cruz went on from there to point out that since the "Church is asleep," only about half of the roughly 90 million evangelical Christians in the United States vote. As a solution, the senator issued a "call to rhetorical arms" urging believers to be "prayer warriors" who "organize, mobilize," and vote in the next national election.

"Use your arms to vote the bums out," he added.

Specifically, when it comes to abortion and the stripping away of morals, Cruz revealed that his father, Raphael Cruz, a pastor, thinks that "no one bears more responsibility for that than the pastors in America... who hide behind the pulpit."

"If we are going to defeat the woke assault, then all of us need to wake up," the senator said, to cheers from the audience.

As for Critical race theory, he claimed that it only "seeks to turn us against each other" and is "every bit as racist as the Klansmen in white sheets."

"As a Christian and as an American, I love my brothers and sister whatever skin color you are, whatever ethnicity you are, whatever faith you are, whatever creed you are, we are commanded to love. Period. The end," he declared.

He called those who want to separate people and propagate falsehoods as evil. He then brought up the incident that occurred at the South Lake School Board. Residents stood up and voted, more than doubling the turnout for the school board election, and they voted those school board members out by a vote of 70 to 30.

Wrapping up his monologue, Cruz cited from Psalm 30:5, which states, "weeping may endure for the night, but joy cometh in the morning" and accompanied by the following words:

"I'm here to tell you morning is coming. We're going to win in 2022 and retire [Speaker of the House] Nancy Pelosi and [Senate Majority Leader] Chuck Schumer. And then we're going to win in 2024 and send Joe Biden and Kamala Harris a one-way ticket finally to our southern border.

Cruz ended his speech by saying, "Revival is coming. God bless America. Revival is coming."

Also in attendance at the conference, which took place in Kissimmee, Florida, were a number of conservative luminaries, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former Vice President Mike Pence.