Thousands Of Teachers Badly Want To Teach Kids Racism Even If It's Against The Law

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One of the more concerning issues especially for parents in 2021 is the adaptation of critical race theory ideologies in public classrooms all over the country. To fight this, legislation has been passed in at least 26 states to ban critical race theory in the classroom.

More discussions have been made on the topic, with parents fighting back against school boards in several U.S. states. However, those who are for it are rallying for teachers to support critical race theory and teach kids racism in public school, even if it is against the law.

According to WND, a group called the Zinn Education Project has launched a pledge to tell the "truth" about America, that it was "founded on dispossession of Native Americans, slavery, structural racism and oppression" and that "structural racism is a defining characteristic of our society today."

The pledge, which aims to collect 6,400 signatures, has already collected over 5,000, meaning that there are now thousands of teachers and educators who are willing to be arrested over teaching kids racism and critical race theory in public schools, even against the law.

The Zinn Education Project argues, "How can one teach honestly about the nature of our society without examining how today's racial inequality is a systemic legacy of this country's history?"

This topic has been hotly debated over the last month in Loudoun County, Virginia, which the Washington Post calls "face of the nation's culture wars." While parents are picketing outside school grounds calling for the resignation of school board members, Loudon school officials consistently deny any critical race theory teachings in their schools.

Calling for school board members to resign is one way parents are fighting back against teachers who badly want to teach kids racism despite it being against the law and they are now doing it in droves. According to Breitbart, there has been a major increase in school board member recall efforts in 2021 than any year since 2006.

An Axios report reveals that between 2006 and 2020, there has been a yearly average of 23 recall efforts against 52 school board members. In 2021, there were 54 recalls against 135 school board members, and the year is only half over.

Furthermore, the report states that recalls in the past years stemmed from "disputes over mismanagement, open meeting violations or allegations of corruption" while this year's recalls "focus on efforts to snuff out teachings on critical race theory and displeasure about mask requirements."

The New York Post reported that the National Education Association (NEA) held its annual Representative Assembly over the weekend, during which discussion on critical race theory took center stage.

The organization, which represents three million public school employees, approved funding for three items relating to critical race theory: increasing its implementation in K-12 curricula, promoting it in local school districts, and most concerningly, "attacking opponents of critical race theory, including parent organizations and conservative research centers."

This is a major turnaround, especially for schools that for months have denied teaching kids racism in the classroom. Expect more pushback from both sides in the coming months, especially when the NEA has passed a resolution to "research" those who oppose CRT and "provide its operatives resources for attacking them."