TobyMac's New Song Screams Hope After His Son's Untimely Death


Two years after his son's death, TobyMac releases a new song that screams hope for him again for the first time.

TobyMac just released his new single and music video, "Help Is On The Way (Maybe Midnight)" that screams hope after the untimely death of his son, Truett McKeehan, the Christian Headlines reported.

TobyMac lost his 21-year old firstborn in 2019 not long after the latter himself made a career in music.

When his son died, the sorrow that followed caused the Christian music artist to ask God if the only thing he was going to write is "sad music for the rest of his life."

"That was all I had in me. I just started asking God, 'What is going on? Is that all I'm going to be able to write? For the rest of my life?" TobyMac recalled in an interview with Reel Faith.

But in that same moment, God intervened in TobyMac's life by answering him with a 'new' song.

The former DC Talk member shared how God answered him with an assurance from the Book of Psalms and the beginning of a chorus that talks about God coming to His rescue by "rolling up His sleeves" to do so.

"What an image to hold on to, that the God of all creation is rolling up his sleeves on my behalf," TobyMac said.

With that image in his mind, TobyMac immediately took to writing the new song that was in his head. By then, he only had a melody and some lyrics to work on. But the lack of music is not something he worried since it was the first time when he can "scream hope" once again after his eldest died a little over two years ago.

"I had no music yet, just melody and a lyric in my head. 'Help is on the Way (Maybe Midnight)' is the first time I think I felt sort of a turnaround where I could express hope," the Christian songwriter said.

"I felt hope through it all. But (the song) is the first time I could express it in an artistic, creative way. The first time I could scream hope from the mountaintop."

TobyMac shared that "Help Is On The Way (Maybe Midnight)" is a song that talks about how God always comes through no matter what the situation. He added that it was the first "mostly positive song" he has released following his son's death since he got to writing "sad teary-eyed ballad-y songs" for a while.

When compared with his other songs, "Help Is On the Way (Maybe Midnight)" sounds similar to two songs from his The Elements album, "Hello Future" and "I Just Need U."

The song carries a slight marching beat and tells of God being the solution to every believer's difficult times with lyrics that says, "It may be midnight or mid-day/ He's never early, never late/ He gon' stand by what He claimed/ I lived enough life to say... (Say, say, say)/ Help is on the way."