Was The Massive Riot In Capitol Planned By Leftists?

Save America Rally
A photo of people joining the "Save America Rally" taken by Team Trump |

Trump supporters, at least most of them, are known for their peaceful yet massive MAGA rallies in various places. While they tend to be noisy and proudly shout their support for the President as well as his campaign to "Make America Great Again," they aren't normally reported to have caused chaos in different places.

Jan. 6's protests in D.C., then, wasn't normal. Various reports showed the President's supporters storming the Capitol, forcing their way into the federal building despite resistance from police and barricades.

But is it possible that Trump supporters were merely incited to do such a thing by those who have their own agendas?

Earlier, various media companies reported on the massive protest that happened in the U.S. Capitol. Protesters forced their way into the Capitol building.

While the mainstream media focused on Trump supporters' clashes with police and alleged that those who were in favor of the President were the ones causing the chaos, they didn't report about what happened moments before the chaos happened.

According to a video shared by The Blaze's Elijah Schaffer, two men "ripped down a preliminary barrier & rushed officers who were behind a 2nd barrier. They then encouraged others to follow their lead." The "others" mentioned there were peacefully walking behind them.

A certain facial recognition company called XRVision was earlier reported by the Washington Times to have identified two Antifa members having infiltrated the Trump supporters in the Capitol.

The company denied this, but did tell The Gateway Pundit that while the two men in the said report weren't Antifa, they were connected to the "Skinheads" and the National Socialist Movement. Another person was also identified as a singer and actor from Arizona. He is also seen in Black Lives Matter events, and was associated with the group called QAnon.

Another Twitter user who is a self-described "small business owner fighting to keep America, America" replied to Schaffer with an image showing a conversation between a certain @KatherineGarth and an unnamed "Antifa operative":

Interestingly, another Twitter account with almost the same name, @KatherineGarth2, said the tweeted image about the conversation was from Nov. 10, 2020. The conversation, though old, still showed what Antifa could do.

Americans point out 'hypocrisy' 

The mainstream media's obvious avoidance of these things, as well as their silence on the riots and looting that happened across the country in the past year, have not escaped the people's attention.

Fox News noted that while media called the "sometimes-violent" protests around the country in recent months as "mostly peaceful," "all it took was Trump supporters causing the chaos to spark a swift change of heart."

The Post Millennial noted how the "Left-wing media suddenly cares about riots and attacks on federal buildings after covering for Antifa all year."

Navy veteran Jack Posobiec noted how "establishment media" refused to cover deadly riots across the country in Summer. He also noted how these riots "stormed DC and state capitals for weeks with fires, explosive devices, attacks on police, and tearing down statues."

The Daily Caller's Logan Hall also shared a tweet about certain Democrats' comments with regards to the rioters:

The left's silence, even show of support, regarding the violent and destructive Antifa and BLM riots prior to Jan. 6's events, and their sudden show of concern regarding the alleged violence from the "Trump supporters" paint an interesting picture worth looking into.