William Burns, Biden’s CIA Pick, Has Close Ties To The Chinese Communist Party

William J. Burns

Ambassador William Burns is President Joseph Biden, Jr.'s pick for the Central Intelligence Agency despite having close ties to the Chinese Communist Party, a report said.

Breitbart revealed that Biden's nominee for the Central Intelligence Agency's top post turns out to have a history of cooperation to organizations linked with the Chinese Communist Party based on background information presented by the Republican Study Committee.

"Ambassador Burns will bring the knowledge, judgment and perspective we need to prevent and confront threats before they can reach our shores. The American people will sleep soundly with him as our next CIA director," Biden said last January when he announced his candidate for the post.

"Bill Burns is an exemplary diplomat with decades of experience on the world stage keeping our people and our country safe and secure. He shares my profound belief that intelligence must be apolitical and that the dedicated intelligence professionals serving our nation deserve our gratitude and respect," he added.

According to Breitbart, information on Burns presents links with the Chinese Communist Party members such as the time he became board president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace when he included Chinese businessman Zhang Yichen.

Yichen, as per Breitbart, happened to be linked with Chinese Communist Party's organizations, the Chinese Political Consultive Conference and the Center for China Globalization and was also connected to the China-U.S. Exchange foundation. The said data could be found in the in-depth study undertaken by the Republican Study Committee on Biden's "weakness" on China.

Entitled, "RSC Backgrounder: Biden On China--Bad Policies, Bad Personnel," the study condemns the "number of disastrous steps" the Biden Administration has undertaken that overall shows "a return to Obama's failed approach of engaging rather than holding China accountable for it's bad behavior."

"As former President of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Burns welcomed Zhang Yichen, a Chinese businessman linked to two major CCP organizations, the Chinese People's Political Consultive Conference and the Center for China Globalization, to the think tank's board. Zhang's firm, along with the China-U.S. Exchange Foundation, an organization connected to the CCP and responsible for 'United Front' work in the U.S., gave Carnegie millions of dollars to help build the think tank's Beijing based Carnegie-Tsinghua center," the study said.

Breitbart added that Burns would become the very first CIA Director that hailed from the US State Department if he will be confirmed by the Senate. He helped former President Barack Obama's nuclear deal with Iran in 2015 while he was at the State Department, which paved the way for Iran to legally weaponize its program in the future. It was former President Donald Trump who canceled that deal with Iran. Because of this, Breitbart said, Burns was a strong critic of Trump since 2020. Burns would write against Trump's Foreign Affairs policies, among others.

Many expressed appreciation for Burn's appointment to the CIA due to his extensive experience in international or foreign relations. He was ambassador to Jordan from 1998 to 2001 then became the ambassador to Russia from 2005 to 2008. He retired from the U.S. Foreign Service in 2014 and became the president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.