Humanitarian ministries from Arizona that serve immigrants were brought to sadness after the government raided their property. The ministries believe that federal agents 'may be targeting faith-based ministries and their volunteers.' People were arrested by Border Patrol during the raid at the 'No More Deaths' humanitarian aid camp during a raid on Monday evening near Arivaca, Arizona.

Unfortunately, Immigrants including children were separated from their parents and their hearings are scheduled to be months away while they are detained in shelters and camps in Mexico. Creating intimidation upon Children, the ministry was targeted in southern Arizona, arresting 12 undocumented migrants and detaining seven volunteers. The Arizona Republic reported the U.S Border patrol agents conducted the raid and the Border Patrol 'smashed windows, broke doors, and destroyed essential camp infrastructure as well as supplies.'

According to the report, the agents were armed with rifles while the helicopter hovered low above them making it impossible to see. The Border Patrol also detained people in an unsafe environment while medication was necessary. Those who are undocumented were forcefully abused and isolated among their families. Throughout the years, immigrants have suffered trying to cross into the United States wishing to live a successful life. 

The 'NoMoreDeath' shared on Twitter with photos: "One volunteer was able to get a few pictures from inside camp when BORTAC and Border Patrol entered. Heavily armed agents drove straight into the humanitarian aid camp in a Bearcat tank as helicopters circles overhead."