Americans turned out to be more thankful for their families than any other things this year 2020, according to a survey conducted by LifeWay Research.

A recent survey revealed that citizens in the US are more thankful for having their families far above any other. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving 2020 with gratitude for having their loved ones around.

LifeWay Research conducted the same survey about what Americans are thankful for back in 2016. The figures gathered back then varies in some categories but came out with almost the same percentage on the issue of being thankful for having their families.

According to the survey, 84 percent of those who answered this year are grateful that they have their loved ones around while 88 percent said likewise four years ago. Americans also value their families now more than wealth.

On the other hand, as US citizens celebrate Thanksgiving 2020, the survey showed an increase in the Americans' appreciation rate towards God and kin. In 2016, 63 percent expressed how grateful they are to God and 57 percent merits their family. While the recent survey disclosed a higher 67 percent who wanted to say thanks to God, 68 percent to their families while another 16 percent gave credit to themselves.

"This year of loss and division does not mean people have an absence of good things for which to be grateful," said Scott McConnell, executive director of LifeWay Research, according to Christian Headlines.

While the rate of appreciation for the families remained constant, the majority of the other categories showed a decline. Most of them were because of the restrictions that the COVID 19 pandemic brought.

In 2016, 72 percent of those who answered said they appreciate personal freedom, which went down to 53 percent after the lockdown period. The health category showed a drop from 77 percent in 2016 to 69 percent this year as well.

Since people have limited chances to go out during the coronavirus infection scare, categories such as fun experiences (from 53 percent in 2016 to 45 percent in 2020), achievements (from 51 percent in 2016 to 33 percent in 2020), and opportunities (from 59 percent in 2016 to 42 percent in 2020) slumped.

People remained thankful for their achievements this year although the percentage shows an 18 percent decline from the 51 percent four years ago. The same goes with the wealth category dropping by 11 percent from 32 percent in the past.

LifeWay Research conducted an online survey involving 1,200 American respondents. Given 10 options, they were asked about the things they are most thankful for in life. They were asked to choose only five.

The study was executed using the web-enabled KnowledgePanel®, which scientifically chooses participants in random order. The probability-based panel acts as a representative of the American population.

The panel selects from a list of residential addresses or telephone numbers. Upon selection, the respondents are invited to participate and answer the questions in the online survey. Respondents who agreed yet do not have internet connections are provided with laptops and ISP for free, according to LifeWay Research.