Don Andros, Managing Editor of FaithWire, explained how progressive intellectuals distort and twist the Bible for their own ends.

Andros, like many Christians who faithfully adhere to the truths of Scripture, didn't want to sit by and watch TV personalities like Don Lemon continue to "mischaracterize who God is and what the Bible really says."

"If Lemon is not a believer, then why does it matter to him what the Bible says? If he is a believer, why cling to a version of God clearly not present in the Bible?" Andros said.

To answer his questions, Andros first dissected the theological flaws in the response made by the CNN host to The View when asked about the Vatican's decision on blessing same-sex unions.

"God is not about hindering people or even judging people," Lemon was quoted saying.

Andros asserted that Christians who know their Bibles understand God's role as the ultimate Judge of the earth. He also added a list of verses as references.

"These are just a smattering of the plentiful verses throughout both the Old and New Testament testifying to the fact that God is indeed a judge. So, yes, as many others have pointed out - Lemon is quite incorrect when talking about the nature of God and his purposes through His creation," said Andros on debunking the idea that God is not about "judging" people.

"As for the 'hindering' comment, I'd just have Mr. Lemon refer to the book of Genesis when God floods the entire earth because everyone acted wickedly 24/7," said Andros and continued, "If a devastating flood that kills every living thing on earth sans what hopped on Noah's ark isn't 'hindering' in the affairs of man, I don't know what is."

Given these blatant misconceptions of God's character and the huge gap between a secularist and a Christian's understanding of Bible narratives, Andros calls for intellectual integrity.

"Those, like Lemon, who proclaim to pride themselves on being intellectual, should go to greater lengths to understand the position of others before going on national television and misrepresenting them. Especially someone in news," he commented.

"If they can botch something as basic as the core beliefs of Christianity, what are we to make of all the other news of the day they cover?" added Andros.

Going further in his analysis, Andros see cases like Lemon and the gay minister who called Jesus a racist as either driven by "a) ignorance or b) a willful and sinful desire to lead others astray." He also ascribed the phenomenon as an exact embodiment of the Romans 1:18-19 passage which exposes man's attempts to bend Scriptural truths to justify sinful lifestyles.

"The Bible is not some book of handy life-hacks to take or leave whenever you feel like it. It is God's special revelation for his people in written form," said Andros.

Aside from debunking misrepresentations of God's character on national news, Andros' opinion piece, however, was also about speaking the truth that will set people free. He specifically added his thoughts and prayers for those who have subscribed to false teachings and for those who are presently tempted to compromise because of a besetting sin.