Justin Bieber recently co-led a worship session at Judah Smith's church, Churchome, in Kirkland, Washington, alongside Chandler Moore of Maverick City Music.

Bieber is a member of Churchome and has known Smith for a long time. Bieber and his wife Hailey were baptized in a lake by Smith last year.

During the worship, Christian Today noted that they played "How He Loves" by Jesus Culture and Maverick's song "Jireh." They also featured Justin's song "Where Do I Fit In," which is off his newly released gospel EP, "Freedom."

Throughout the session, Justin expressed gratitude to Jesus for the gifts of "life and His presence," as well as the gift of music.

"Your presence changes everything ... You designed us with a plan and a purpose," he said.

In addition, he prayed for peace and deliverance over those in attendance.

"We pray for Your peace right now to fill this room; peace be still," he said. "I speak peace to every single person's mind in this room. Any turmoil that you're facing, any turmoil that you are facing, I bind it in the name of Jesus. Fear is not welcomed here. Shame is not welcomed here."

Lastly, he prayed for himself, hoping that God would use him to "change the world" and "help people" despite his "brokenness, humanness... pain and struggle."

Leading worship since last year

But this is not Justin's first time leading a worship service. According to Hope 1032, he fully led worship for the church last year with Kanye West. "Reckless Love," "Good Good Father," "Sinking Deep," and "Never Would Have Made It" were just a handful of the songs that he sang that time.

He made a stop in worship after emotionally thanking his friend and pastor, Judah Smith, for leading the church, and told the audience that "there is power in your weakness and being vulnerable."

Overwhelmed by worshiping God and standing in front of his congregation, he returned to his previous position as a worship leader.

At the conclusion of worship Justin shared his initial hesitancy to lead since he didn't want people to think it was a mere performance. Notwithstanding, because of their love for Justin, Judah and the church were ready to accept the risk.

Smith stood up and explained how Justin's story, which has been broadcast throughout the world, is yet another example of God's "great redemption."

Hailey, Justin's wife, was also in attendance during the service.

Because he has been a long-time friend of Smith's, it's no surprise that he recently utilized the pop star's Instagram to webcast a sermon.

In Justin's newest YouTube video, "Next Chapter," the pastor is seen doing a marital counseling session with the singer and his wife.

Churchome, not Hillsong

Because Justin had previously visited Hillsong Church and was formerly close with former Hillsong NYC pastor Carl Lentz, rumors that he was vying to become the next Hillsong pastor quickly appeared. Justin turned to Instagram to address the claims.

He said that he is not pursuing a career as a minister and has no desire to do so.

"And btw, Hillsong is not my church. For clarity, I am part of Churchome," he said.