Meet GETTR, the newest social media platform from Jason Miller, former senior adviser to ex-President Donald Trump. The platform launched on July 4th and has a mission of "fighting cancel culture, promoting common sense, defending free speech, challenging social media monopolies, and creating a true marketplace of ideas."

In a conversation with Fox News, Miller said that GETTR was inspired by the idea of "getting together." It was launched on the Fourth of July to coincide with Independence Day to declare an "independence" from Big Tech. Miller said the platform is a "cancel-free zone" that supports users' free speech. He urged, "Let's get together, we're talking about a sense of community. We think it will ultimately be a global platform-not just conservatives in the U.S."

Miller said that the Trump team "[believes] there needs to be a new social media platform that really defends free speech, and one that doesn't de-platform for political beliefs." The former president was famously banned from social media sites such as Twitter (in which he has a permanent lifetime ban) and Facebook (whose Oversight Board decided to uphold his ban), and Google's YouTube, among others. This led Trump to launch his own communication platform for his supporters called From the Desk of Donald Trump, a short-lived project that was shut down in June. The Trump team said they were still looking into developing their own social media platform soon.

According to CBN News, GETTR's revolutionary social media technology enables users to post messages with up to 777 characters, host three-minute long videos, and even edit the videos within the app. Users can even import their own tweets into the new platform after signing up. Miller said that the platform is not only for conservatives but for people of all political affiliations.

For now, however, former President Trump is not on the platform yet. According to MarketWatch, his "level of involvement" with GETTR remains unclear, with Bloomberg News' Jennifer Jacobs reporting that the former Republican POTUS has no intention of joining the platform for now. In a tweet, Jacobs reported, "Trump isn't joining Jason Miller's new social media platform, Gettr -- won't have any financial stake or participation."

"The ex president still has plans for a separate platform," Jacobs wrote. "Unclear what exactly."

This is not deterring any of his followers from flooding GETTR, however. Its Apple App Store page already has 5,400 ratings and counting, with an overall rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars. One user by the name of Ethanis23 wrote, "GETTR is user friendly and has a nostalgic feel of what social media was intended for. I see extreme potential for GETTR in the hopes of shaking up the big tech monopolies."

It's worth noting that the app is currently being review-bombed by detractors. Some of them post sarcastic reviews that seem to echo lines from the former President's critics and those who support critical race theory. There are, however, many who say the app is "promising" and are hoping that it will be better in the future, enough to replace mainstream apps censoring conservative and Christian speech.

One particular commenter, for example, said GETTR is "A new platform not controlled by the Chinese communist party. A place where you can have your own opinion and voice, not dictated by the Silicon Valley."