Former Casting Crowns drummer Andy Williams continues to fight for his life through a ventilator following a motorcycle accident last week which led to the amputation of his leg.

To help Williams' family, his local church has requested for prayers and donations for the artist's full recovery, Faithwire reported.

Raised by Karla Henry, Grace Chapel Church set up a GoFundMe account to help with his medical expenses. As of writing, the fundraiser has already received $48,167 out of its $250,000 goal.

"There are so many unknowns about the future, but we serve a God who knows what Andy will face. We want to give Andy, Kelly, Aden, and Asher the financial resources they will need in the weeks and months ahead. We have set a goal of $250,000, but we want to bless this family above and beyond so they can focus on Andy's healing!" part of the statement says.

"If you are unable to give, we covet your unending prayers for Andy Williams! Thank you for loving the Williams family so beautifully at this time. May God richly bless you!" it added.

At the church's Facebook page, Pastor Jeff Boyet posted an update about the artist on July 2. He stated that Williams had undergone a surgery that day, removing bacteria from his lungs that causes his fevers.

That morning, the pastor also shared about their prayer and worship the other night.

"Kelly and the family are so grateful for your continued prayers and support for Andy. Last night's worship and prayer night brought an overwhelming sense of love and support. Folks were watching from India, England, Ireland and beyond. So thank you! Today the family met with the medical team and they are thankful for their insight and constant care for Andy," Boyet said.

He also stated that the medical people who are taking care of the artist were doing everything and that the family "felt a tangible peace from The Lord" amidst the discussion on his condition.

In February 2009, Williams left the Casting Crowns to join a new band, Soul Sister Sally, which he formed with his wife, Kelly, in 2008. In his statement, he articulated his gratitude to the band for showing him the "love of Jesus Christ" when his mother suffered stroke in 2007 before she passed away in 2008.

Soul Sister Sally is a Christian band that plays diverse genres of music.

Casting Crowns remains one of the most prominent Christian bands today. It is heading for a tour this fall and is scheduled to visit various cities in a number of states, featuring the Christian singer, Matthew West. Last month, the band released its new track, "Scars in Heaven." The song is part of the upcoming album which is set for release in November.

On its Facebook page, the group also urged the people to continue praying for Williams.

Further, Mark Hall, the lead vocalist and the band's founder, asked his followers to "Join Andy's Army" by supporting the artist in prayer and donations.