A comedian said that he felt glad about the revelation of his sinful activities in 2019, causing him to live a "better life" today.

In an interview with Nate Bargatze on the Nateland podcast, John Crist shared about his current life after undergoing therapy for his addiction struggles, Christian News Now reported.

In November 2019, Charisma News uncovered about Crist's sexual harassment of several women, which he also admitted. In March this year, he has returned performing on stage after completing his therapy.

The comedian disclosed that during the rehab, he got into trouble for being narcissistic, not caring about other people's views. But he said that the treatment has helped him learn about empathizing with other people.

Recalling the time when he was waiting for the media outlet to release his controversial story, he is "100 percent" happy that it happened.

"Not once from that time forward have we ever deleted anyone's comment or tried to block anyone. This life is way better. The only thing worse about what happened to me was the last 10 years prior, because I was drinking and doing all that kind of stuff and I felt if [my audience] knew, they would all crush me. That's what I lived for the whole comedy career - and that [hidden lifestyle] was horrific," Crist shared.

He stated that the revelation of his sexual misconduct could have disappointed the Christian mothers in the churches where he used to perform, since they helped him become famous by sharing his videos with friends.

"If I were her, I'd be pissed because, [she is thinking] I shared my platform with you to everyone I know. I'd be mad, too, because you were saying something that you were not [living]," the comedian said.

He also mentioned about his encounter with a family, who knew about him, in a restaurant after rehab. He expected to be told being a bad Christian, bad influence on children or bad example. But instead, the family members said that they actually missed him and that they were praying for him.

"We just want to let you know that we missed you and we've been thinking about you and we've been praying for you," they told him.

Crist said the words from that family confused him because he thought that the exposure of his sin would lead to his "end," recalling his experience with his parents when he was a child.

He revealed that when he was growing up, his parents would warn him that God knows everything he does in secret because He is watching. And thus, he learned that God would punish him for anything that he does wrong.

More than a year after the cancellation his tour due to controversy, Crist is set to return touring this year with the 2021 John Crist: Fresh Cuts Comedy Tour, which will be having 100 shows all across the United States. The tour will begin on September 23 in Augusta, Georgia.

The comedian said that during his recent performances at small venues to prepare for his tour, the fans felt grateful to just be outside with their friends, more so while enjoying comedy during this time.

"There really is no better therapy than coming together for a night of laughter," Crist declared.