Former National Football League Star Stephen Davis reportedly said on Tuesday in a summit in Florida that men in America need to be Godly and fight for women and children amid the push of the Left and the LGBT community against it.

Breitbart reported that Davis spoke on the importance of manhood at the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit in Tampa and stressed the need to go against the media's and left's "anti-male messaging."

"Masculinity is not toxic. Let's make America masculine again," Davis urged.

Davis identified during his talk what it takes to be masculine: being Godly, protective, and active; and having strength and discipline. He explained that it is essential to manhood to have faith in God.

He also elaborated that being protective not only meant standing up for those who are vulnerable such as women and children but also extends to one's fight for one's country. He highlighted that strength goes beyond the physical and mental capabilities of the person but also the ardor to fight against leftist attacks.

"Number one, and I believe this with all my heart, you have to be Godly," Davis said. 

"Number two, you want to be protective. If you don't stand up for our women and children, you are not a man," he continued.

"I've been called a coon, I've been called an Uncle Tom, self hater, race traitor, Sambo, you name it. But I'm not gonna sit here and cower in the corner. I'm going to stand there and take the slings and arrows," he pointed out.

According to Davis, there is a need to fight against transgenderism since it is destroying "womanhood" and the "very fabric of reality." One must engage in a battle against it, he said, for the good of women and children.

"Transgenderism is tearing apart the very fabric of reality and says that a woman is nothing more than a wig and some cosmetic surgery. They're tearing apart womanhood," Davis stressed.

"They're coming after our children. They're absolutely doing an all-out assault when it comes to our children," he added. "That is absolutely disgusting and despicable and we are meant to be on the front line, we are the first line of defense."

Davis, who called America "the greatest country in the world," stressed that discipline goes hand in hand with the rest of the virtues he identified on masculinity. Discipline helps one become "robust" and "stand your ground," especially since men are "the first and last line of defense."

Breitbart said that Davis used to be a running back player for the NFL but has now become a conservative activist called by the title "MAGA Hulk."

As per the youth movement Turning Point USA, Davis smashed the "leftwing masculinity narrative" with his talk during the Summit. Davis was initially a TPUSA ambassador who became a contributor to their website before he became a "bold conservative political activist" on political and cultural issues.

"My fellow AMERICAN PATRIOTS, my brothers and sisters, I am proud to call you all my fellow freedom fighters in the American Culture War!" Davis ended his talk.