Canadian Authorities are targeting Pastor Artur Pawlowski again, wanting to put him back in jail for 21 days for "flaunting" COVID-19 rules.

LifeSite News reported that Pawlowski could be facing imprisonment again as his lawyers recently requested from court an adjournment of the Alberta Health Services filing against him. The Alberta Health Services filed a contempt of court against Pawlowski and his brother Dawid for "openly" flaunting COVID-19 rules during worship services held last spring in their Alberta-based Cave of Adullam church.

Pawlowski was issued a warrant of arrest by the Calgary Court that was filed by the Alberta Health Serices just last April for twice driving the police away from church service that gained him international attention. The arrest was issued because the pastor was said to break the Alberta Public Health Act by holding in-house worship services beyond the limit of 15 people only.

Pawlowski and his brother was arrested on a busy highway only in May and was freed after some days. During his arrest, Pawlowski was prevented by the police from communicating with his lawyers who constantly contacted him. He referred to himself and his brother as a "political prisoner" during an interview with Newsmax.

"I have become, with my brother, a political prisoner. We were taken to custody, thrown on the police van like a piece of meat, and we were denied access to the lawyer for 24 hours. It's horrible. It's a repetition of history," Pawlowski recalled.

"I grew up behind the Iron Curtain. I've seen the police abuse of power, people being arrested--you could be arrested at five in the morning, the doors could be broken for no reason. Just listening to a European radio, warrant them to torture you, arrest you, and throw you in jail for five years," he explained.

As per Pawlowski, Christians in Canada are much like Christians in Hong Kong who suffer persecution for practicing their faith. He called his arrest as "insanity" and "craziness" because he felt like waking up in Hong Kong despite immigrating to Canada from Poland. Previously, he called the police officers "Nazis."

"I just woke up in Hong Kong a few days ago. I mean, I thought I emigrated to our beloved Canada, but I am in Hong Kong, full force," Pawlowski was quoted as saying. "It's insanity--arresting pastor[s], shutting down churches. Craziness. "

Pawlowski's "violations" ironically have been committed by Canadian authorities themselves yet only he and some other pastors were imprisoned for it. In particular, these were Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, Government House Leader Jason Nixon, and Health Minister Tyler Shandro were caught having a special dinner last June 1 with several guests and political staffers in violation of the COVID-19 guidelines. The said leaders were only "criticized" by the public and nothing more.

Yet the Alberta Health Services are eyeing Pawlowski and his brother for 21 days imprisonment. In line with this filing in court, Alberta Justice Adam Germain was quoted by Global News as telling Sarah Miller, Pawlowski's lawyer, that he does not want the pastor to spend time in jail because of COVID-19 cases surging in it. Germain has also given Miller ample time to formulate her arguments for Pawlowski so she can defend them accordingly.

LifeSite News revealed that Pawlowski is in America for the "Courageous Faith" tour where he shares his experience from the authorities.