In a twist to the controversial Texas Heartbeat Act, Leftists were reported to consider marriage and avoid sexual promiscuity as a way to circumvent the abortion ban.

Not The Bee said leftists have finally come around the virtues of chastity and abstinence as a consequence of the Texas Heartbeat Act or SB 8.

The outlet pointed to the tweets made by alleged leftists that included American songwriter Bette Midler, former 2020 Democrat Congressional Nominee for Florida Pam Keith, Portland State University Student Health Advisor Nick Walden Poublon, Lilith Won, and influential blogger Helen Philpot that called last week to seek the said virtues to "outlaw" abortion.

"All it took for lefties to discover chastity and virtue was outlawing child murder. Who would have known?" Not The Bee raised in its report.

Most of the leftists tweeted not having sex as a way to be in "solidarity" with the women in Texas whose rights were said to have been infringed by SB8.

The Texas Heartbeat Act bans abortion for pregnancies after six weeks where a heartbeat has been detected. The law subjects the medical professionals who undertook the abortion to be sued by anyone in court and punished for it. President Joe Biden was among the Democrats who condemned the law "unconstitutional" and contrary to women's rights.

Midler claimed that SB 8 removed a woman's right to choose and hit on Republicans for imposing "cruelty" to women by doing so. She alleged that SB 8 is part of the "GOP's plot" keep women, especially Black women, a minority.

"I suggest that all women refuse to have sex with men until they are guaranteed the right to choose by Congress," Midler remarked on Friday.

"The cruelty of the #GOP is endless. We are suffering COVID-19, hurricanes, apocalyptic flooding, wildfires from hell, joblessness, homelessness, evictions, racial strife, and they pick this hideous time to pile on yet another shock to women, by taking away their right to choose," she added.

"The #GOP's plot is to keep certain people back on their heels for life. All women, but Black women especially. Because if nobody held Black women back, what would happen then? Time would really be up, right? If Black women were given their full power, old white men would be over," she disclosed.

Midler shared American historian Heather Cox Richardson's commentary that echoed her sentiments that SB 8 has removed women's rights, particularly her right to her "body" and "autonomy." Many of Midler's followers agreed with her statements and hit on men for their lack of accountability on the issue of pregnancy and abortion.

Poublon, on the other hand, retorted with sarcasm that he supports women forced to go through their pregnancies despite the infant expected to have abnormalities.

"I STAND WITH THE WOMAN who found out at her 20 week scan that the infant she had been so excited to bring into this world had developed without life sustaining organs," Poublon said.

While Keith suggested a boycott of Texas men in dating apps for them to realize the effect of the law. Menzies similarly echoed Keith's sentiment by suggesting women "should go full Lysistrata and refuse to have sex." Won, on the other hand, called for a "sex stike" and Philpot urged men "to have no sex."

"It would be AWESOME if all over TX, there was a mass exodus of women from all dating apps. By the million, TX women should delete bumble, hinge, tinder, match and all the others. TX men need to see the women's profiles go dark," Keith announced.

The hashtag #NoAbortionNoSex was particularly used by leftists to air their sentiments on SB 8 while some used #SB8 alternately with #AbortionBan, #MyBodyMyChoice, and #WomensRights. However, the hashtags did not trend in Twitter.