A pastor and author from Tennessee expressed hopes that former President Donald Trump's "strong leadership," which honored God, Scripture, and people of faith, would return because America needs it.

CBN News said worldwide evangelistic ministry Revivalmakers Founder Tony Suarez disclosed hopes for Trump to run for the 2024 elections because of the United States' need for "strong leadership again."

"I hope he is. I sure hope he is. Because our nation needs strong leadership again. I think we've passed enough time that has gone by to remind us of what we had or at least to long for what we had. So I hope the good news is coming very, very soon," Suarez told CBN News in an interview.

Suarez, who also regularly hosts the Victory Channel, is the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference Chief Operating Officer serving more than 40,000 congregations locally and internationally. Suarez was interviewed by CBN News being a member of Trump's recently established National Faith Advisory Board Coalition.

Trump, who indicated in April that he is "beyond serious" about running for the 2024 Presidential elections, announced the new board last September 2 during a conference call with his spiritual adviser Paula White and other Christian leaders including Suarez. The board is said to be composed of "70 executives" meant to uphold religious freedom and undo the "not good things" that "have happened with respect to faith and religion" after Trump's administration.

"I know this to be true: if you are PRO Judeo-Christian anything, the @POTUS Biden administration is not interested in talking to or hearing from you. Thus, we are hopeful and prayerful President Trump will run for office again," Suarez declared in Twitter on Wednesday with a video clip of his interview with CBN News.

During the interview, Suarez highlighted that the conference call was like "deja vu" of the former president's "original presidential campaign." He also explained the role of the advisory board to speak to those willing to listen on Judeo-Christian beliefs and issues. He pointed out that this was what he did for Trump during his campaign although their efforts were ignored by candidates.

"This faith advisory board is poised to speak to anyone that's willing to hear from us and to also make outreach to us. Just like it was five years ago when he was then-candidate Trump, we reached out to the other candidate that was running at that time, and we heard nothing," Suarez revealed.

Suarez highlighted that they expect President Joe Biden to do the same as "the other candidate"--that is, they will also be ignored by him and his administration, echoing what he said in his tweet on his interview.

"It's the same thing with the Biden administration. If you're pro," Suarez stressed, "I wouldn't even say pro-life. If you're pro-Judeo-Christian anything, this administration is not interested in talking to you. They're not interested in hearing from you and they're certainly not returning phone calls."

"So we're thankful for President Trump. We're praying that he will commit to running again because in him we had an advocate. We had a champion of the people that did honor God, honor the scripture, respected people of faith, and that's the kind of leadership our country needs one more time," he added.