A segment from Tucker Carlson's show in which parts of a United States Army PowerPoint presentation are questioned because they imply that the Army is using Satanism to push COVID shots.

A clip from Carlson's show, which was tweeted by the Daily Caller, shows him revealing a PowerPoint from the United States Army that justifies vaccination requirements with a slide that asks, "How many children were sacrificed to Satan for the vaccine?" and lists the seven principles of Satanism.

"The point of mandatory vaccination is to identify the sincere Christians in the ranks, the free thinkers, the men with high testosterone levels, and anyone else who does not love Joe Biden and make them leave immediately. It's a takeover of the US military. Here's how they're doing it," said Carlson.

Carlson said that the displayed graphic was taken from a PowerPoint presentation used by the army to promote mandatory vaccinations for soldiers.

"This is an actual slide from it on your screen, you will notice there the sympathetic portrayal of Satanism," he said.

Apparently mocking, the slide stated, "How many children were sacrificed to Satan because of the vaccine," and then the presentation went on to enumerate the so-called principles of Satanism, which were copied directly from the website of the Satanic Temple.

"So here you have the United States Army doing PR for Satan as the rest of the presentation is less shocking," commented Carlson.

The army's sardonic humor aside, the Fox News anchor noted that the presentation was "utterly shoddy and dishonest" in its approach. For example, it made the erroneous claim that just three individuals had died as a result of receiving the COVID vaccination in the past.

Carlson pointed out that data gathered by the Biden administration itself suggests that the number is really in the thousands, rather than measly numbers that can be counted on fingers - even if the CDC tried to manipulate the numbers.

The anchor also said that the PowerPoint presentation was taken from a legitimate military site, and that although the American army leadership may not have approved of it, they did not explain how it came to be that way or what they intend to do to address it.

Putting aside the mockery, Carlson said that "we do know the vaccine mandate is taking a terrible toll on the US military and on this country's ability to defend itself."

He went on to explain that at a very "volatile" level, three members of the CIA paramilitary unit that initially invaded Afghanistan after 9/11, and even arrived before the military, had been suspended for failing to be vaccinated or being ordered to await disciplinary actions.

Other army commanders, on the other hand, have said that they would prefer to resign from their posts rather than participate in the experiment of being jabbed with vaccines that, according to one manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson, are still in clinical trials.

Intercessors for America (IFA) also shared the clip and urged for prayers for the military personnel.

"How sad that in this case our military needs protection from the rash mandates of military leaders," the religious organization noted.